Lost Passports in LA

I was Travelling to LA with my folks and we booked a motel room in LA to get some rest for our connecting flight the next day.
All leading up to this trip I was having alot of issues renewing my passport so when it finally came 7 months after I applied for it... I guarded it with my life!

However My Dad is one of those people who likes all important documents in the same place when travelling. So I handed over my passport to have them all together and when we got to the Motel he put them all in a safe place.

The trouble was... the next morning he was so jet lagged that he couldn't remember where he put them.

After emptying all 4 perfectly packed giant suitcases and turning the room upside down he figured we must have been burgled in the night...

He called L. A. P. D to report a robbery and when they arrived... they were just outside the door when we located the PASSPORTS in a TINY drawer in the desk in the room. At that moment I yelled out
" DAD!!!! I'm gunna kill you!!!' out of frustration and RELIEF! thinking for the last hour we might be STUCK in LA and miss our family wedding in Canada.

Turns out that L. A. P. D Cop was RIGHT outside the door when he heard me yell 'I'm gunna kill you'... and he called for backup.... pretty soon we had about 5 police officers surrounding the motel thinking that there was a Gun and a domestic violence attack... after the officer stormed in the room, made me write out an official report to confirm that I was NOT in fact going to kill my Dad and informed me that If I say things like that they have to take it seriously.

I can still remember the look on his face when he was insisting that it's 'No joking matter' ha ha ha.

Needless to say I take care of my OWN important documents when I travel with family.

Posted By Carolynn Carpenter on Tuesday 4th October 2011 @ 13:03:53

Updated : Tuesday 4th October 2011 @ 15:20:23 | Words : 346 | Views : 24234 | Comments : 0


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