crazy encounter

I was travelling from brisbane up to harvey bay.

For those of you who dont know its about a 4-5 hour trip with many 110km/hour zones throughout.

We were on the second half of our trip - i was driving in the farthest "fast" lane when a yellow ute came up behind us so fast he had to screech on his breaks to slow down.

I thought "what the hell" I was doing 120kph in a 110kph zone and then this guy is right up my behind - tailgating us - he would not back off.

I honked on the horn and tried to get him to back off my tail. but he just would not.

it was a double lane so he could have gone around me at any time but he just would not.

so I slammed on my breaks down from 125 to 80kph and the guy finally got the message and went around me.

i couldn't believe it - this guy basically endangered all of our lives just because he could not be bothered to pass us.

we were all talking about how dangerous he was driving when 5 minutes up the road we saw what looked like a yellow ute - it had wrapped itself around a tree on a corner and heaps of people had stopped and were trying to wave people into the opposite lane.

well - i guess this dangerous driver wont be endangering the lives of any families again.

Posted By dominic visser on 31st August 2010

Updated : 14th September 2010 | Words : 248 | Views : 2466

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