Famous mix up

so.. who knows the Australian show "Packed to the Rafters?"
well for those of you who dont know... its become a very popular drama... a bit like nieghbours and home and away.
The show is filmed in sydney, and what a small world it is. i was on a school trip when a few of my friends and i walked past a small cafe in the heart of sydney. at this cafe was Carbo (from the show apparenly bens nieghbor on the show)... now i'd never heard of him...so had no idea what he looked like... but i took it upon myself to get to know this man, just in case i become famous one day...
so i kindly asked my friend to point him out to me... however.. there were several tables around the area she pointed to...
so i walked up to a man, (sitting on tthe table next to him)... i squeezed between two chairs and lent on the man behind me... i looked at the man infront of me and politly demanded that he give me his autograph.the man was incredebly puzzled... as was i... beacsue the man behind me.. (the one i was leaning on) was lauging... the man behind me was CARBO from PACKED TO THE RAFTERS... the famous one. i had walked up to the wrong famous person.

EMAIL : haya_snobar@yahoo.com

PHONE : 0437125531

Posted By Heya on 21st October 2009

Updated : 21st October 2009 | Words : 225 | Views : 2300

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