French Tickler - a would-be thief foiled

Several overseas trips with the family have taught us that they can be rewarding - but you always have to beware of pickpockets.
On a lovely visit to Paris an encounter with a pickpocket gave the would-be thief a little more than he bargained for!
While sauntering down the famed Champs Elysee I was astounded to feel someone unzip my handbag and remove my purse (which was quite weighty). I turned to glimpse a young man turning away and pretending to be engrossed in the mouth-watering contents on display in a bakery window.
Being only a teenager at the time, I had no idea what to do. So I tapped the young man in question on the shoulder and said
"Excuse me can you please give me back my purse?".
Of course the pickpocket had no idea what I was saying (and didn't want to know)and proceeded to shrug his shoulders and basically say (in French) "I don't speak English".
Meanwhile my Mother(a scotswoman with a fiery temper),came to see why I had stopped walking and what was going on. When I informed her of the situation she lost control and started yelling at the thief who still stood there gesticulating in French while a crazy scotswoman harangued him. At this stage we were starting to attract onlookers, and when my Mother started hitting the young man with her handbag the would-be thief decided it was time to make his get away.
Luckily, amid all the commotion the theif lost his grip on my purse, and as he made a break-for-it, my purse dropped to the ground!! I quickly snatched it up and for the rest of vacation we walked around with our handbags clutched against our chests!!

Posted By spryte1 on 16th March 2002

Updated : 16th March 2002 | Words : 288 | Views : 2350

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