Fun Family Holiday - NOT!!!

A fine plan I had plotted to leave Melbourne on Friday night after work and travel the 5 hours to what I heard to be "beautiful Merimbula" on the NSW coast. With the car all packed and fuel filled we set off in peak hour traffic 2 excited kids in the back and hubby driving. Heading along the Princes Highway, I always prefer to go the scenic route and decided to go through Lakes Entrance. In Lakes Entrance I thought briefly about stopping for fuel but as the tank was still half full thought it better to wait for another hour or so and fill up at another town along the way. Little did I know, after 9pm there is not another petrol station open from there to Sydney (it seems). Just prior to reaching Eden (30km from Merimbula) the fuel was flashing and beeping urging us to quench it's thirst, 2am, tired and travelling with a hubby who was quietly freaking out, kangaroos at every uphill turn we literally rolled into the top of the hill just inside Pambula (6km from Merimbula). Calling a cab (which we were later notified, had only been on 24 hour service for one month)we were taken to our motel leaving our car where it had died. Hubby, having an unhealthy obsession for his car, insisted we wake at 7am to go back and fill the car with fuel. After 4 hours of sleep the kids were extremely enjoyable!!! We then headed to the wonderful theme park in Merimbula were hubby & I were so loving and refreshed we fought over how I had parked the car and didn't speak for the rest of the day. Desperately in need of sleep we headed back to the motel ready for my surprise for the family the next morning. Awake at 7am and down at the bay by 8am we were embarking on our first experience of whale watching. All smiles and excitement we shipped out through the heads into large swells causing panic & nausea for my babes. The youngest demanded we turn the boat around 10 minutes into it, after telling her to stand up and watch the horizon to stop feeling sick and that we were on here for another "4 hours" she promptly vomited from there until we docked 4 hours later. The older one, not sure that we would survive the trip, managed to control his tummy for the full 4 hours to see the 3 whale tails and 2 splashes that we were told were "actually whales" 2 kilometres away. Back in Merimbula, truly a beautiful town, we decided it was time to travel the 5 hours home while there was still enough daylight left to be able to take fuel if needed. I would strongly recommend a trip to Merimbula and definitely recommend it as a place to live, but if it's a short trip make it during the day and take extra fuel along with you, just in case!
Bradshaw Family

Posted By Bridget on Thursday 15th April 2004 @ 19:09:00

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