Gullible or just stupid

i always knew i was a gullible person but i think now i will replace that word with stupid. We were on a tour bus on our way down to Sydney to watch a Hamlet play. I asked my friend why we werent traveling in the bus lane and he replied, "coz its for buses with 8 wheels and this bus only has 6." So when the bus driver moved into the bus lane i yelled out to him that he wasnt allowed in it as it was for buses with 8 wheels and this bus only had 6. But thats not all. When we arrived at the theatre my friend looked under his chair i asked him what he was doing, where he replied,"looking for the lucky door prize." after looking under my chair i then yelled out to hundreds of people to look under their chairs to see if they had the lucky door prize. Looking back now i realize how stupid i can be at times.

Posted By Danielle Elsey on 7th May 2007

Updated : 6th August 2007 | Words : 169 | Views : 1989

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