Honeymoon Horror

My husband and I were driving back to Tassie after our honeymoon on the Sunshine Coast. We had planned a night at a large conference centre in Melbourne the day before our trip on the Spirit of Tasmania. (We had a wooden box strapped to the roof that had alot of wedding pressies and stuff in it, but we had to unload the box and put stuff in the car as the box was moving). That night in Melbourne there was a huge storm....really huge!! We woke up the next morning to my cousin knocking on our door, he said "You had better come and look at your car!". I asked "Is the box full of water?" My cousin said "Just come and have a look!" So my husband and I got up to have a look at the car. To our horror and surprise the only tree that had fallen in this 100 acre property had fallen on our 2 door hatchback! It was a huge gum tree. Thankfully our car was fine, there are about 3 or 4 small dints in the car, you can only see them when you look at the car really close!! 2 years later, it is running fine!!

Posted By Emily Toms on 3rd November 2006

Updated : 3rd November 2006 | Words : 205 | Views : 5680

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