honk the horn honey

My husband and I were travelling home from a fun filled week in sydney we decided to go to Aubury, after a night in Albury we hit the road again and were on our way to hay, and decided to take what my husband declared a "short cut" basically it was a small road with out a lot of traffic or to my dismay "public convieniences" with still along way to get to a main highway or somewhere where I could use a toilet to urge became far too strong and I really could'nt hold any longer so I asked my husband to pull over, but also to add to my problem's of the moment not a bloody tree in site just a couple of bushes, in which did'nt have ample coverage to shield me from any unexpected vehicle coming our way, before getting out of the car I asked my husband to honk the horn if he saw a car coming, so off I go crouched between a twig and a tumble weed and begin I feel a massive relief when all of sudden mid stream the horn on our car let out loud long honk, not knowing what to do and risking eternal embarrasment of being seen squatting beside the road I ripped up my pants and the inevidable accured(use your imagination) I raced to the car to see no other car coming in either direction, puzzled, wet and severly irritated I get into our car to find my husband laughing hysterically, and purfusly apologising (between breaths), he then coyly informs me he was reaching down to get his drink on the passenger side floor and accidently leant on the horn, so basically I spent the next 2 hours travelling to hay in silence while my husband every now and then let out a snigger and a smile, mind you at the time I did not find any of this very amusing, but now I laugh, so beware all women, when travelling dont take short cut, it could put a real dampener on your holiday.

Posted By Ange on 12th March 2004

Updated : 12th March 2004 | Words : 347 | Views : 2235

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