Island Hopping - Yeah, more like running

My husband and I were in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We had just concluded a six day stay on the island of Maui and it was now time to "island hop" to the island of O'ahu. We checked in at the Maui airport and was told to stand over near the glass doors where people were already waiting for the plane. To board the plane you had to walk across the tarmac. A plane pulled up outside and the glass doors opened. To our amazement everyone started running for the plane. My husband said to me, "look at these idiots, as if the plane is going to take off without them". We got to the plane and was promptly informed, "sorry, plane full, catch the next one". Twenty minutes later, the next plane pulled up and needless to say, my husband and I ran like the clappers. And we still didn't get a seat together!

Posted By Katrina Bann on Monday 20th July 2009 @ 11:24:56

Updated : Monday 20th July 2009 @ 11:24:56 | Words : 155 | Views : 1761 | Comments : 0


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