Kangaroo in drag!

Whilst taking an American friend on an outback adventure we accidentally hit a kangaroo with our car. It was knocked out but not dead, and the American decided to take a photo. But this was no ordinary photo... We proped the unconscious roo up onto the roo bar of the car, the Yank put his jacket on the roo and borrowed my hat and also placed it on its head. Next thing you know the roo comes to and jumps away startled wearing the jacket and my hat!! The funniest thing was inside the jacket was the yank's passport so somewhere in Western Australia is a kangaroo wearing clothes with US citizenship!! It was hilarious... but not for the American:)

Posted By Nadia on 19th July 2002

Updated : 15th July 2007 | Words : 120 | Views : 2489 | Comments : 1

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Come on, this is an old story that originated during the 1954 Around Australia Redex Trial.

Not very original (or true)......

Posted By SCS on Sunday 15th July 2007 @ 21:59:52


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