Killer Geese

I was recently given a Barossa weekend getaway from my parents. My husband and I arrived around 5pm unpacked and were relaxing before dinner, one of the attractions where we were staying was a large rose garden so I decided to explore before dinner. I left my husband in the room and set off for my walk, I discovered a beautiful pond not far from our room that had five gigantic geese so I went back to the room to get some bread for them, I thought they were so beautiful and friendly that I wanted to visit them the next day and convinced my husband to picnic with me near the pond.

We packed our picnic and set off for a great day in the garden, bursting with excitement I took my husband to see the geese, they also seemed happy to see me and I thought they must have remembered the bread from the day prior and wanted some more.

I began to throw them the bread but they ignored it but I still stayed there talking to them like an idiot assuring my husband that they were friendly, next thing I know the largest bird comes running and hissing at me, I became frozen with fright! When I realised this thing was planning to attack me I turned to my husband for help, only to find he had fled, I panicked and began to run but my foot became tangled and I went sprawling in the gravel path, I was winded and couldn't speak only make honking noises much like the geese, my husband thought this was hilarious as he didn't realise that I was badly cut and hurt, eventually I threw my bag at the bird and managed to scream, I lost half my belongings and was very sad and sorry for my self, never again will I feed the wildlife anywhere!

When visiting Maggie Beers Farm the next day I asked them if they needed some geese for the pate as I knew where there where five I'd have no guilt eating, lol!

Posted By Caroline Smyth on Friday 10th August 2007 @ 10:08:38

Updated : Wednesday 3rd October 2007 @ 10:30:07 | Words : 348 | Views : 1630 | Comments : 0


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