My home is everywhere

I have travelled a few times around Europe, but my last trip was an exciting experience. I visited Austria, France and Spain for a few days. I have never thought that they have something in common, neither have I guessed that they have a similarity with my native country - Bulgaria.
So - one by one.
First, in Insbruk, Austria, a friend of mine and I decided to go shopping for some food we were dying from the butter and jams served in the hotel. Of course non of us had an idea of German, so pure luck was our only possibility. We went to a big shop, which was amazingly confusing with all its corridors and niches. After 15 minutes of searching and exploring we had found almost everything we needed, except bread. Desperate, we went to the shop assistant to pay for what we had taken, already sacrificed the so precious bread for the cause of eating as soon as possible. A fibre of anger went through me when I saw the woman in front of me having a nice, fresh, fragrant loaf of bread.
-Kyde po dqvolite im e hlqba na tiq?! (Where the f**k do they keep the bread?!)-I said crossly, my voice filled with rage.
Suddenly for my and my friend's great surprise the shop-assistant said in a clear Bulgarian:
-Napred, nadqsno i pak napred. (Straight forward, to the right, and again S.F.)
I was merely shocked. I thanked, ashamed, with a ruddy face and went to take the misfortunate bread...
And now we're moving to Leon, France. In front of the Statue of Neptune. Several really suspicious personages are taking photos of themselves.
-Oh, my God! I thought that these long-haired, black-leather monsters were only met in Bulgaria!-my friend exclaimed fairly surprised.
Then one of the so-called creatures shouted, unaware of our conversation, to another of his fellows:
-Abe, pich, mrydni,che da mu se vidi na toq glavata! (Hey,dude, move a little, so that the noddle of the guy can be seen!)-pointing with the camera to the statue.
A second coincidence!
And finally - Barcelona, Spain. The city of toreadors, flamenco and tortilla. I don't know if you have visited this Spanish city, but there can be found many people, who pretend to be statues, dressed in different ways and when you drop them a coin, they move and make a kind of a joke. For example, a knight tried to cut my head with his fake sword. Anyway, I'll lead you to a cathedrale. And there - present you...his majesty...the unbelievable Zoro!
But what a Zoro he was! My friend, mentioned above, and I didn't miss the opportunity to characterize him loudly..near him in our so loved mother language - 'well...he's rather stout to be Zoro','he doesn't even behave like a statue', 'and he stares at the girls', 'he's not suitable for this at all'. 'Well...I don't really want this Zoro to rescue me, even if I am at the death's door'-I concluded confidently.
And suddenly the statue uttered:
-Priqtno mi e da se zapoznaem. Az sym Petko ot Svishtov. (Pleased to meet you. I'm Petko from Svishtov.)
I felt like a bucket full of ice was poured on me...
When we finally were sitting in the bus for home, my friend thoughtfully looked out of the window and said:
-What's the point of travelling, when anywhere we go, we see and meet only Bulgarians?

Posted By Desislava on 2nd February 2005

Updated : 21st December 2008 | Words : 573 | Views : 2135

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