I was 18 and living in Sydney at the time, and my best mate Sean asked me if I would like to ride to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on our racing bikes.
When had travelled from Coogee, to the city about 22 km, as we ventured into the city traffic, we stopped at a set of lights, Sean and I had been racing each other through the streets as we enjoy the competition.

While waiting for the lights to turn green I changed gears on my bike to get that quick take off. Behind me was a city public bus which was packed, and on the street corner were alot of people waiting to cross.

The light went green Sean took off, I went to use all my energy on my left foot to get a good start, however as I did, the chain slipped, and as I pushed I flew on to the racing bike main support bar between the seat and handle bars.

For a second I felt like someone had taken the air our of my lungs, as I felt the serve pain coming from my balls, and not being able to breath, I slowly tried to climb off my bike but couldn't move.

I looked at the bus driver expecting him to toot his horn or get me to move, however when I looked back he was laughing so hard and so were the passengers, the people to my side were rolling laughing as I slowly wheeled myself to the side to regain composure.

It took me ten minutes to feel human again, with a tear in my eye, I could see how funny it must have looked afterwards, and wished I had a video for funnyest home video he he.

Posted By Cliff Rollins on 29th May 2006

Updated : 25th June 2006 | Words : 295 | Views : 1783 | Comments : 1

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Hahaha My partner had a very similar bicycle incident afew years back, with visible scars to remember it by! So be reassured that you werent the only one who was left red faced all the way home.

Posted By Luca on Sunday 25th June 2006 @ 15:52:00


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