the onion ring that was not

I was living in Ottawa, Canada on an exchange. One night after a night at the pub myself, my mate erin and our french canadian mate john decided to grab a bite to eat to sample some 'poutine' a french canadian heart stopper - chip and gravy topped with cheese curd. At 4 in the morning, the only place open was a dodgy diner. whist waiting for our order, we chatted and read the paper. as i turned the page something which looked like a dried bit of onion landed on my page. 'gross' said jon - 'that chick at that table just threw a bit of onion at you.' we contined to chat and as we did so jon absentmindedly fiddled with the bit of onion. After a couple of mins, jon gave a shout 'ohmigod - this is no onion - this is a bit of fingernail' we called over the chick from the other table, she examined the crusty yellow piece of material -'oh my god - thats no fingernail - thats an old man toenail.' and so it was. at that moment, our poutine arrived, if we hadn't have been so hungry i'm sure we wouldn't have eaten it! (the poutine that is) i don't want to think about how that toenail got there. good times.

Posted By Maggie Maloney on 3rd July 2006

Updated : 3rd July 2006 | Words : 220 | Views : 1774

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