Theft in Europe

So many incidents happened when my parents and I went for a trip together overseas quite a while ago that I could write a book on the event! My father was truly a prankster and with our organized tour in Europe he was truly in form. We were all standing with our touring group in the foyer of one of the large hotels in Italy. We had just arrived and our guide was informing us of the correct way to carry our handbags, how to secure our valuables and how to avoid being basically robbed and mugged over the next couple of days. Listening intently in particular were this little old couple that were standing at the back of the group who my dad had spoken a lot to during the course of the trip. Anyway while our guide spoke about how to guard your handbags and luggage at all times, dad snuck up behind the sweet old lady and hidden within the crowd, he started tugging at her handbag pretending that someone was trying to steal it. The poor lady started screaming "Help help, it's happening, they are robbing me" and she promptly turned around and started to hit everyone and everything in sight with a book she was carrying. After bashing up half the tour group she saw my dad had his hand on her handbag strap and simply said, "Oh it's you" and then had a good laugh about it. Pity all injured tourists around her weren't laughing!!

Posted By Donna on 26th November 2005

Updated : 25th June 2006 | Words : 251 | Views : 2052

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