Traveling to Mackay

Jessie Dog

So where on our way to Mackay from the sunny coast on our family road trip. It is bucketing down so hard that we could barely hear ourselves speak.

Where driving down this mountain screaming "Screaming 6 white horses" (the song) when we foggily see a petrol station. We all stop off and grab a great Ozzie shepherds pie and soon enough where back on there road eating as we go along. Then just as we thought the rain would never stop we hit a sunny patch.

We all wound down our windows to catch the breeze when my sister finds her pie too hot.

Shoving it out the window a breeze crosses and the pie and its insides all blow from her hands and onto my face. Blinded by scorching spud i hear the rain pour down and the windows wind up.(don't forget the laughing)

It was about 1 minute until the slobber started dripping off my mouth and face.

Jessie the boxer sure loved me that trip. By the time we reached a place where i could wash off ( about 2 hours) i was as stiff as a brick with dried on slobber and as smelly as a dump with a fresh lode of dung.

Couldn't get much better than that could it?

Posted By Maxwell on 8th June 2009

Updated : 1st July 2009 | Words : 216 | Views : 2185

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