I've travelled around the world, but my funniest travelling story would have to be as I was travelling to McDonalds down the other side of my suburb!
I was with my friend on rollerblades, and she wore her sparkly pink skates.....a sight to see. Being the mature people we are, we decided that we were skilled enough to go down the VERY STEEP path on the side of the MAIN road- we could be seen by all passers by. So as we were eventually going full speed down this path, we realised we didn't want to die and screamed out
"GRAB THE POLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Infront of us was a sturdy, WIDE lamp post, which my friend grabbed and then swung around and fell on her back. The I was coming towards the pole at a CRAZY SPEED, flung my arms wide open not wanting to break my arms by avoiding landing on them (but increasing my risk of death, stupidly) and smashed into the pole, CHEST first. It hurt like hell and we landed on our backs on the side of the road. A man drove past laughing hysterically out the window, nearly steering off the road- risking our lives for the second time. FUNNIEST travel moment EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PAINFUL AND STUPID.

Posted By abbie on 19th December 2004

Updated : 19th December 2004 | Words : 211 | Views : 1647

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