What Jet Lag can do!

G'day! Many years ago, my finacee sent me a plane ticket for my birthday to come and live with him in New Zealand. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! Within three days, I had packed up my house, sold my car and oh, by the way, told my parents I was moving to New Zealand!
The flight was well, less than direct, but just knowing that I was going to be met by Ted (not his real name) was beyond words!

The flight was New York to LA, LA to Tonga, Rangotonga, Tahiti, Fiji (or something in that order! Ha!) and finally to Auckland!

While on a short stop over in Tahiti for refueling, it was mandatory we exit the plane and stay in the transit area. I was so dazed and confused by now (as I don't travel well), that I started wandering around (almost legless, and not from drinking! Ha!) when all of a sudden the alarms went off and I saw these officers coming directly towards me. I thought, "WOW, someone must be in trouble!" Little did I know that it was me they wanted!

After much discussion, I was lucky that the pilot had seen me exit the plane and was looking a bit green! The pilot told the officers that he would be responsible for me and would get me back on the plane when the time came!

Upon arrival to Auckland, I submitted my Declaration. I have traveled all over the world and was familiar with the forms. When the customs officer asked me, "Where are you packing your piece?" I had no clue what he was saying. Next thing two officers (with their hands on their guns) were approaching. I thought, "Something is going down, someone is going to be in trouble!"

The officer then asked me which country I was last thrown out of? I said, "The US of course!" (Thinking it was an odd question, as he knew my original port was New York!)

The officers started to move closer and little did I know they were thinking of taking me to ask me more questions when the customs officer said, "It's lucky you look like you do!" When he showed me the form, it wound up I had answered all yes instead of no. So, I declared I was a wanted felon, thrown out of the US and was packing a piece! (A gun!) They could not believe I was being so honest about it and did not seem fazed when they continued to ask me further questions.

The reality was I was so tired and disoriented, I would have probably said anything!!

They then sent me onto the Minister of Agriculture and he inquired what I had in a box I was carrying. I said, "Chocolate Chip cookies". He said, No really, what is in the box? (It is illegal to bring in flour products to NZ) I told him again and asked him if he would want one. I was not being cheeky, I could not follow his line of questioning. He asked me why I did not declare them (again with this declaration stuff!) I said, Well, look at it this way, once I bring them in and give them to my fiancee, he will eat them and there will be nothing to declare!"

The officer then said, "Look, if I turn my head and you happen to get through those doors, you can bring them in, otherwise, we will have to confiscate them!" I said, There is no way you are confiscating my cookies after almost 12,000 miles of carrying them! BOOM! Off I went! I BLEW through the doors, threw the box to Ted and ran out of the airport!!

About eight months later when departing New Zealand to go back to New York, I presented my documents to the customs officer. (Little did I know it was the same one!) He obviously remembered me. He then confirmed some details on his computer and then turned to his Mates and said, "Hey, this is the one I told you all about!" EIGHT MONTHS LATER!!! You can only imagine what colour my face was!!

True Story!

Cheers! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Cheers! Joanne

Posted By mickeydownunder on 1st February 2002

Updated : 12th June 2007 | Words : 712 | Views : 1897

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