Whistling Willows

It was christmas Day 2005.. I had work on this day so left the family gathering to which my brother asked for a lift.. I agreed that it wouldn't be too out of my way to not do..being christmas and all.. the Christmas Spirit on Christmas Day is just so remarkable. Its like there is a sense of understanding with all people you see and meet.. or just pleasure in the day.. My 12year old son sat in the back of the car.. we had a red light so i was at a halt waiting for the all clear of a green light to continue this journey.. on the opposite side of the road was a lady on a motorbike.. with her young what seemed to be daughter on the back?? My brother was whispering all these things getting louder and louder.. lights turned green.. and he blew the biggest wolf kinda whistle I've ever heard in my life.. and this lady had the biggest glowing white smile as she waved to him, that I have ever seen.. as a Thankyou kind of gesture... I couldn't believe it.. BEing down South here from the Northern Islands... I then told him he's not allowed to do that.. "PErsonally, I was deafened.. His whistle went right through me.. to the point where it naturally shut my hearing down for so many seconds... The Funny Part...
My Son has been whistling ever since... HE won't stop.. He never used to whistle, now i can't stop him.. today in the New Year.. we went to a shopping centre we've never been before.. and pulled up at the red light.. beside us at my sons window was this huge colourful sign reading: "Whistle in the New Year".. How Bizarr..?? Now all that comes to my head is Rowan Atkins - (Mr Bean and Whistlers Mother)..the picture.. oh..man.. Gotta laugh.. hey..

Posted By Natalie on 5th January 2006

Updated : 21st December 2008 | Words : 315 | Views : 1661

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