happy traveller looking for partner

me at my nephews

Hi everyone I'm Darryl,

Hoping to find a partner who would like to travel oz in my motorhome exploring and site seeing, I also craft things from wood and travel to Sunday markets, I have a passion for the out back and old towns, I enjoy fossicing for opals & gems also gold prospecting and just enjoying a relaxing life style and just travel and enjoy life, I guess I'm a bit of a hippy or gypsy and very played back and easy going, if you would like enjoying life travelling around don't be scared to say hello,


Posted By dazz on 9th July 2015

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Hi how are, I'm 50 mature women outside Ipswich qld way, I'm seeking also but I'm shy, and would love to get way and explore also,I'm a kind,honest women who can pay my way also who's drama free ,loyal in crisis, anyways hope u get my message, if not interested,wishing u safest journey ever, bye nicola

EMAIL : elmkatherine@gmail.com

Posted By Nicola on Saturday 14th September 2019 @ 15:36:04


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happy traveller looking for partner

Hi everyone I'm Darryl, Hoping to find a partner who would like to travel oz in my motorhome explor . . .

Posted By dazz on 9th July 2015

Views : 1434 | Comments : 1

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