What UHF?

Hi there guys, im about to head off on a trip around Australia and really want to know what is the brand of radio to get. Im aware that there is so many on the market but i want something that is top quality.

I heard that GME and uniden are good, are they?

And any aerial tips as size and brand would also be great. Thanks.

Posted By Matthew on 26th March 2008

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UHF would allow item-, case-, and pallet-level tracking to all share the same RFID infrastructure; using HF would require supply chains with case- and pallet-level tagging to also deploy UHF, causing a messy, "duplicated" deployment. Also, UHF tags are fundamentally cheaper than HF tags because they require less material and one less manufacturing step.

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Posted By oliviaharis on Monday 22nd September 2008 @ 14:54:16


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