4WD vehicle recovery

I am a clumsy 4WDer who always gets himself stuck in the mud. Can anyone give me any hints about vehicle recovery and what I should have onboard to get myself out?

Posted By Matt on 28th March 2007

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Ok i had the same problem as you and what i did was go and buy a high lift jack that cost about 160 and some bushranger sand tracks from my local tjm store.

The high lift jack will get your car up in the air and the sand tracks can be placed at the front of your tyres. These can be used on both sand and mud. They are like a rubber matted floor that helps the tyre get grip which helps the vehicle get on its way again.

I like the other guys suggestions but this one is definiitely the most cost effective.

Although the winch and snatch block with a set of lockers would get you out of anything without the help of other cars but this style of setup is normally from 3000 to 5500 dollars.

Posted By Jack on Wednesday 5th March 2008 @ 16:23:04


Hi there recovery equipment is very important and can keep you on the beaten track. You need a snatch strap, 2 d-shackles and another car. Snatch strap and d-shackles are available at your local four wheel drive store such as tjm.

If you made the mistake of 4x4'ing alone then you will eed some tyre deflators and a air copmpressor.
Deflate your tyres to about 8-10 psi and you are almost guaranteed 90% of the time to get out of your bog.

Remember though to always always pump them back up with your compressor.

If this fails then you ahve the option of buying an air jack, this will jack your vehicle off the ground no matter what surface you are on. It uses the car exhaust and is like a huge strong balloon, get your car up and put rocks and timber under the wheels to get your vehicle moving again. These jacks are about 380 from your local four wheel drive store.

Posted By Greg on Wednesday 5th March 2008 @ 16:18:21


Mud tyres and diff locks usually work for me, if not I have a winch and and ground anchor if needed.

Posted By davo on Thursday 27th September 2007 @ 09:22:17


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