Camping with my Dog

I'm taking my dog camping soon and want to know if anyone has any tips about camping with pets...?

Posted By David Wren on 28th March 2007

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I take a flashing red light and reflective vest -both from the cheap shop so that we can see exactly where our dog is at night. We also take his fav toy, my old swag(his bed) and a bone so that he feels more at home.


Posted By SARAH on Sunday 16th May 2010 @ 15:02:41


We take our older Labrador camping all the time. Arrive at your camp-spot before dark and take your dog for a walk around with you so they know the boundaries of the camp. Let them urinate and etc as this establishes their terrritory for the night, espec in the bush. This way they will do their business back at the same spot the next couple of days and not close to your camp spot.

One of us always stays with the dog when we want to go off exploring so he doesn't fret. Plenty of fresh water is a must and the water bowls that don't tip over are good too.

If you have an older dog that is prone to arthritis, don't forget to pack the doggie panadol, anti inflammatories.

We give our big boy a nice juicy lamb shank on the first day at the camp, so he knows this is his new home for a couple of days.

Taking his old blanket with the trip is good too because it has his and your smells on it.

It is important to walk around the perimeter and outside the campsite with your dog first thing in the morning, when it is still fresh. This way they get to read the morning newspaper and smell where all the other critters have been during the night.

Don't forget if you are camping on outstations especially out west, don't let your dog go off and eat stuff unsupervised, because some big properties lay posionous baits out for wild dogs, which I don't really agree with. If you go camping on stations the owners will generally let you know if there are baits and usually there a paper signs put on trees, telling you there are baits in the area.

Also make sure your dog has a tick collar on especially in paralysis tick season, take it off though when they go in the water.

Thats it from me, happy camping.


Posted By Paula Farrell on Thursday 1st October 2009 @ 18:00:15


Hi John,

I've got one of those little satchel things and I fill up with those blue bags at the local Exercise Park so I never run out.

Otherwise I use old carrier bags.

They are a great idea. Before I got one I was forever embarassed when my dog (a big labrador !!) did his business in the street and I didn't have a bag.

I had to walk of quick before anyone saw me.

A definite when camping !!


Posted By Sarah on Saturday 16th May 2009 @ 20:41:25


We always tie Glow sticks to our Dog's collar at night, makes it very easy to keep track of him.

PHONE : 0419665725

Posted By Darryl Hall on Sunday 17th August 2008 @ 08:39:48


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