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Australian Stay

Hi all, When the Covid restriction permit I plan on travelling to Austria with my Australian partner and staying for as long as I can. Since I am 76 it seems unlikely I will be able to get a permanent visa but hoped that someone can steer me in the direction of any organisation ...

Posted By KenB on 21st May 2021

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Sydney to Margaret River with dogs

Hi We are planning on driving from Sydney to Margaret River and back with our dogs. Has anyone done this? Would you recommend it? Have any advice on a route / stops etc? The other option we are considering if this is too difficult is to travel around Tasmania.  Thank ...

Posted By Leanne1morley on 30th April 2021

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18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022

18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022 update NEARLY 190 registrations have already been received for the 18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022. It’s all systems go with the National Rally Committee diligently planning the National Rally. This is an opportunity to showcase ...

Posted By EditorACCSA on 31st May 2020

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East coast or South coast from Sydney?

Hello, Looking for an advice which option to take for first time trip to Australia.We have 12 days and considering whether to drive from Sydney to Airle beach or from Sydney to Melbourne via coastal route and back to Sydney via inlant route passing Canberra? We havent yet decided ...

Posted By meelistv on 26th February 2020

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Travelling Adelaide to Uluru with dogs

Hello! Planning a trip from Adealide to Uluru with my dogs later this year, any ideas what I can do with them when I am checking out the National Parks? Thanks :)

Posted By Iggy1988 on 30th May 2019

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Wanted: Private storage for 17' caravan Melbourne eastern suburbs

Hi, Looking for somewhere to store my 17' caravan on an ongoing basis in Melbourne Outer Eastern suburbs. If a private home or land owner can assist I'm prepared to pay a reasonable monthly rate. Commercial storage rates too expensive. Covered would be ideal, but outdoors also ...

Posted By Nottsman on 16th December 2018

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best travel sim?

Hi, I have always been facing issue to get a SIM card when I travel. My last experience was in Italy, I only managed to get a SIM on the second day (I landed in the midnight). Worst part was, I had to pay 20Euro for a 2 months SIM but I was only in Italy for 7 days. Any recommendation ...

Posted By Yeemun on 16th May 2018

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38 days in Australia ....

Hi ...... I bought my international flight. Good news ... I’ve got 38 DAYS available !So that’s 1 extra day that I could put back into Melbourne ?! 5 days - Sydney3 days - Hervey Bay (Fraser Is)4 days - Airlie Beach (Whitsundays)3 days - Cairns2 days - Cape Tribulation5 ...

Posted By Traveling-SOLO on 3rd March 2018

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Looking for advice on ... My 6-week trip to Australia from April 15th to May 25th, 2018

Hi there ! ... I’m a 52-year-old Frenchman traveling to AUSTRALIA on a six weeks trip from April 15th to May 25th, 2018. I’ll be traveling on my own ... without any car (I can’t drive). It’s my first visit to Australia, and would need some advice ... I ...

Posted By Traveling-SOLO on 19th February 2018

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A Travel Couple

Hey All… I am new to this forum and love travelling with my wife and want to explore every single place with my wife.

Posted By skysmith on 10th February 2018

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Travelling solo with a dog... how can you manage to work while away?

Hello! I am planning to travel solo around Australia for 6 months and would love to take my dog. However, I have just finished uni and would have to pick up some work here and there along the way to be able to afford to travelling for that long. Does anyone have advice on whether ...

Posted By Kaitlin on 23rd December 2017

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Melbourne - Cairns & Darwin - Alice Springs done - what next?

Hi guys! I'm a european and I've visited Australia twice now. First time I went with family and we saw Melbourne and Sydney, aswell as Great Ocean Road, Blue Mountains and Fraser Island. Three years ago I came back to Australia with some friends and we rented a campervan and ...

Posted By jkkruse on 18th August 2017

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Cairns or Darwin?

Hi everybody! Me and my mrs are currently in Melbourne but with the intention to relocate within the next few weeks. We are thinking to head to Darwin to do some farmwork but we are aware of that it is highseason up there now, how are the working opportunities? Same question ...

Posted By vincentedfeldt on 7th July 2017

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Work and travel in Aus

Hi is there any South Africans, or people outside of the designated country list for a working holiday visa in Australia that had any luck in A) getting a working visa or B) managed to work and travel in Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted By Caldin on 19th January 2017

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Fraser Island 4WD with children

Hello all.We are a party of 4 adults and 2 children (aged 6 and 2), who are looking to drive from the Gold Coast to Fraser Island over 10 days in Feberuary. I am looking for some advice on how best to get around. I am trying to hire a 6 seater 4WD from the Gold Coast airport ...

Posted By thomas2 on 2nd January 2017

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Travel planning survey

Hi everyone My name is Eric and I am doing a bit of backpacking/self-planned trip survey for one of my university research project. Please have a look and help me complete the survey if you are interested in backpacking~! The link to the survey is shown below: Thanks ...

Posted By Outvoker on 15th November 2016

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Road trippin Gold coast to kangaroo island

Hello fellow travelers, So my girlfriend and I are thinking about road tripping from gold coast to SA, we want to go cross country there and come home the coast way. Any advice or recommendations would be hugely appreciated. Would also like to fit in as much of the SA loop. We ...

Posted By Where2go on 25th October 2016

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Broome to Darwin / Gibb River Road / Kimberleys

Hi there, I'm writing a novel which is partly set in The Kimberleys (with my main characters travelling the Gibb River Road via 4WD/Jeep from Broome to Darwin). My partner and I did the trip when we were backpacking around Oz in October 2008 and although I have very sharp memories ...

Posted By Giulia on 28th September 2016

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Long-term Van Storage Required Brisbane/ Gold Coast area

Hello, We are moving to New Zealand for 1-2 years and are looking for somewhere to store our (deregistered) Toyota Hiace 2000 commuter van. Thanks

Posted By SiobhanMooney on 18th September 2016

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Family Road Trip MELBOURNE to SYDNEY

Hi all, we are a family of 2 adults and 1 baby (2 years 5 months old). We are planning to rent a campervan/motorhome for a 7 days drive from Melbourne to Sydney following the coastal line. May I ask for some pointers as we are kinda confused with the search results that we have ...

Posted By IvanFoo on 10th August 2016

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Suggestion for best resort in Rottnest

Heading to Rottnest in August with a few friends. Can anyone suggest a hotel or resort? Must have; swimming pool, good food, gym, and an open outdoor area. It’s a special occasion, so we’re looking at luxury rooms as well. Any help on this would be great! Thanks in ...

Posted By sophiekelly on 19th July 2016

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Brisbane to Melbourne via Newell Highway.

Hi my fellow travellers. Though I might give everyone travelling from Brisbane to Melbourne the heads up on our relaxing travel journey. Steve and I usually travel on the coastal route to Melbourne but this time decided to take the inland highway as the scenery on the coastal ...

Posted By Janet121212 on 19th June 2016

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Help needed, too much choice!

Hi all, I'm spending a month travelling from Melbourne to Brisbane later this year and my planning has stalled as i am totally confused! Because of other fixed dates (flights and visiting friends), i have 8 days to travel (likely drive) between Sydney and Brisbane. I was thinking ...

Posted By hels32 on 13th June 2016

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Leaving Adelaide Late August

Hi, we are leaving Adelaide late August and un-decided which way to travel, West, East or go up the middle, we have a car, caravan and dog and will be traveling for about 1 year. Any thoughts or advise would be very welcome

Posted By Nicky on 12th April 2016

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Tips/Advice for Sydney to Cairns Road Trip

Hi, I am going to be taking a roadtrip from Sydney to Cairns in mid January for about a month. I'll be traveling solo – 29yo male – in my small car. The plan is rather ad-hoc; I want to stick to the coast as much as possible and find nice towns along the coast to ...

Posted By Eeyore on 3rd December 2015

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Need advise on a proposed road trip to Queensland

Hi all, I am new here and would like some advise from experienced travellers. :) I am planning a see queensland during Christmas and would appreciate your expert advise. Here's my initial thoughts that may give you an indication of what I am aiming to do. I live in Sydney ...

Posted By reachavi on 25th November 2015

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Motorhome Storage Hobart/Launceston

Looking for storage for our Motorhome for approx. a year from Mid December, 2015 Prefer undercover with power to charge battery but outdoor would be acceptable Motorhome dimensions are 8.5 m long X 3.3 High X 2.5 wide Motorhome is roadworthy, registered and insured Regards Terry ...

Posted By brownie on 22nd November 2015

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Hints & Tips

Hey everyone, My partner and I are traveling next February / March time and are just needing any advise that you would love to give us. We're going to Thailand on the way out for around 10 days and then flying over to Melbourne. I have family friends that we'll be staying with ...

Posted By npat on 23rd August 2015

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I need an excellent Au Pair agency

Hi! I need an advice about an excellent au pair agency in Australia. Because I want to work as an au pair, but I don't trust in website, I prefer have a support of an agency if I'll have a problem there. Someone could please help me? Thank you very much

Posted By teresacastillo on 12th August 2015

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Which way do I travel around Australia?

Hi there, Can someone help with suggestions as to which was to go around Australia. Me and my partner are planning on leaving the end of March/beginning of April next year (2016).We originally planned to start in Melbourne (our home), then go to Adelaide, and up through the ...

Posted By KristinaBoland on 23rd July 2015

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Trouble claiming travel insurance

Hi everyone, I'm looking into stories of people who have had trouble claiming travel insurance. If you've had this problem, let me know! I'm doing research for media

Posted By beary2354 on 20th July 2015

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Has anyone worked 8 hours a day (online) while travelling Australia?

Hi, This is my first post :) We are planning a trip around Australia (family of 5). My husband is a draftsman and can do his work from anywhere as long as he has his computer & internet. He is planning on working normal 8 hour days ( he can choose to take some time off ...

Posted By Yarra52 on 13th July 2015

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Luggage storage

Hi all,I am planning to travel the east coast in July for 3 weeks. As I am studying one semester in Adelaide and fly back to Germany from Brisbane, I have a lot stuff to carry and no comfortable backpack. So, I booked a flight to Brisbane and will continue in Cairns driving down ...

Posted By Vanessa on 20th May 2015

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Whitsundays/Cairns travel

Hi everyone! Me and a friend are planning to spend a week travelling the north, we have a flight booked to Hamilton Island mid-June, and we're hoping to do Whitsundays and Cairns in a week. We're on a bit of a tight budget at the moment; I will be able to put forward around $100 ...

Posted By ewade on 7th April 2015

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Cheap Calls

Hi Everyone, As I am going to enjoy my three weeks holidays in Australia, I just wanna know Is there any way to make cheap calls from Australia to Greece. I am having a lot of trouble finding a mobile connection that can allow me to make cheap calls. IS THERE ...

Posted By Samy on 6th January 2015

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motorhome or camper trailer ?

hello we are thinking about our future. we love travelling around and thinking to invest to a motorhome or camper trailer to travel first for our holidays with kids and also when we retired and live in it for a long period. what do you think? what brand anyone got the same experience ...

Posted By kilucru on 4th January 2015

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From Brisbane to Sydney - The long way!

Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie in this forum and I'd like to thank you all beforehand for the help you'll be able to give me :) My boyfriend and I are on our second WHV, currently living and working in Brisbane.We own a 2006 Ford Falcon wagon (NSW plated, we're getting a QLD plate ...

Posted By magaskawee on 28th December 2014

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Long term travel trough Australia

Hi everyone. I am planing to travel through Australia for a longer time with no specific goal or destination in the first place. As I am new to Australia and do not have my own property, trustworthy friends or relatives here, I was wondering where I can direct and store any letters, ...

Posted By Laurence on 25th December 2014

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Long Term Indoor Motorhome Storage

We have a small motorhome and will be looking for secure/clean long term INDOOR (preferred) or COVERED storage from April 2015 to January 2016 in the Sunshine coast Qld area or Perth WA area. (still undecided which way we will travel from Melbourne) Motorhome:- 6.5m long 2.2m ...

Posted By Bob on 18th December 2014

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need advice regarding sicily travels !!!

as it's a general discussion and tips/ideas forum, so i just wanted a advice from you guys i am travelling from 2 months and had been visited many places in africa, europe and saudi countries and right now in india. but just wanna ask my next destination would be sicily (italy).last ...

Posted By eddie044 on 11th December 2014

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A thing or two on a kangaroo

A male kangaroo is called a boomer A female kangaroo is called a flyer A baby kangaroo is called a joey The word kangaroo derives from the Guugu Yimithirr word gangurru, referring to grey kangaroos. The name was first recorded as "Kangooroo or Kanguru" on 4 August 1770, by Lieutenant ...

Posted By Sheppie on 26th November 2014

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Mail while travelling

How can I get Mail while travelling, if their is no resources?

Posted By aricabil on 11th November 2014

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travel newbies

Hey! My girlfriend and I have been thinking about travelling up the east coast of Aus next October. Q's: We were thinking about buying a van at the start of the year and decking it out to travel and camp in. Are there any good sites to look at van customisations? *kombi vans ...

Posted By thisizwe on 25th September 2014

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Free Camping Where?

Our caravan set up

Free Camping Where? We intend to do a caravan trip strarting at Kerang, than onto : Swanhill, Mildura, Broken Hill, to the Flinders Ranges, visit Rawnleigh Park, Arkaroola, Leigh Creek, Quorn, then on to Peterborough, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Victor Harbour then home via ...

Posted By bernard on 29th August 2014

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Roof Pod vs Tray

Hi everyone, First time posting, apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. Me and couple of mates are driving to Perth from Melbourne across Nullarbor and back over 13 days. We are taking my Ford Territory, there isnt a lot of boot space to pack all our gear. I ...

Posted By heshanh on 14th August 2014

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Road trip from Victoria to NSW

Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip from Ballarat VIC to Newcastle NSW. We are travelling with a 4WD and we are looking for the best places to camp on the way up there. Preferably free campsites with 4WD tracks around and nice scenery. Do you have any suggestions ...

Posted By Rochelle on 8th August 2014

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Towing 5th Wheelers

Does anyone know of a towing company that will tow a 5th Wheeler? I plan on spending 6 months at a time at parks along the east coast of Australia and I don't want to buy a vehicle for the job. Thank you...

Posted By Chloe on 3rd August 2014

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portable digital tv antenna

Byron bay 2012 looking at doing some roadtrips..and im after advice on the best portable tv antenna ??? Need it to be digital..and if possible the antenna could get power via my usb plug on my vans tv ok so if anyone knows a simple solution to accessing digital tv while ...

Posted By stargazer on 3rd August 2014

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Travelling to Newcastle

Does anyone have any Dog friendly suggestions for accommodation between Holbrook and Goulburn.

Posted By Occhi3280 on 2nd April 2014

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Fishing License in South Australia

Hello, is there anyone who comes from local South Australia? My father and my mom are planning a trip to Kangaroo Island and they want to experience the fishing trip, but I have heard there are a lot of sea areas that need a fishing license. For a traveler it could be more difficult? ...

Posted By Jenny on 22nd February 2014

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Single mum wanting to travel with 4 kids need advice

Hi I'm a single mum with 4 kids. Son 12, daughter 10, twin girls 5. My son is meant to be starting high school this year and my twins primary school. But last year was an awful year with my husband leaving us. I am renting and thinking of selling all our furniture and car and ...

Posted By Kell4 on 24th January 2014

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I have heard of some caravaners having trouble with ants eating electrical cable, can anyone confirm this? Also if yes is there anywhere to research. regards Steely

Posted By steely on 6th January 2014

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Jayco Heritage 2005

Hello people. We are thinking of buying a Jayco 2005 Heritage 23ft for our first van. Does anyone have anything that we can lookout for when purchasing? Thank you. Mark

Posted By Bigdodge on 8th December 2013

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Car Storage Darwin

Anyone suggest how to find a good facility to leave a car stored safely while I'm overseas for 6 weeks.

Posted By Rivers on 10th August 2013

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Best way

Hi there, was wondering if i'm traveling from Melbourne to Cairns is it hillie and if so which would be the best way to go cheers. Phill.

Posted By phill on 26th July 2013

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Caravan storage Western Sydney

Hi we need to store a 19ft caravan between holidays somewhere near Pendle Hill from March 2014.

Posted By Gail on 22nd July 2013

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1 year Australia trip

I'm a 21 year old male from Vancouver wanting to move to Gold Coast Australia for a year. I just wanted to get a better idea on how expensive it is, how easy work will be to find ( I will be getting a year long work visa ) and how easy it will be to find a place to live for that ...

Posted By Tother on 5th June 2013

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Family attractions in Sydney

Hello, my family and I will be heading to Sydney and we wanted to know about some family attractions? Thanks!

Posted By aholicreally on 31st March 2013

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First Coming to Australia

Hello Everyone, I am coming to austalia soon for my gap year and I was looking to doing a welcome package (one such as UltimateOz) I was wondering if anyone has done their program. It has a welcome package and they it says they will help you find work and have good travel deal. ...

Posted By Paul on 22nd March 2013

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Cost of living in Victoria

Hi all, greetings from Nuremberg ,i had planned a trip to melbourne next month, but due to the tight budget, I really need to be fully prepared to keep myself from starving, so i did some research about living cost in victoria and then I found this interesting data, is there ...

Posted By alex on 4th March 2013

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APP for finding places to stay on ROAD Trip - CAMPIN AUSTRALIA

Came across a nice free app for finding campspots & caravan parks across Australia. It even has hostels & petrol stations included which is handy. Being able to get directions through the app & also see where they all are was great + it was free. I found it on itunes ...

Posted By Skedaddle on 4th February 2013

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Perth to Cairns via Alice springs

Hi me and two friends are leaving Perth and driving to Cairns, we are going via Alice Springs that route. It is a long way so I was wondering if anyone had some tips, like good places to stop and see and also if there are any we have to avoid. Any advice would be helpful. thank ...

Posted By Tiptop205 on 20th January 2013

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Backpacker Research

Backpackers! I'm doing a study about backpackers for my master's thesis. Please help me by filling the questionnaire that follows this link: Thanks!

Posted By Sandra on 14th January 2013

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4wd accessories

Hi Just wondering if anybody can recomend websites that sell 4wd accessories such as snorkels, roof racks, uhf radio, annex etc. Thank you

Posted By Wadeyfam on 15th November 2012

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Advice Needed

Hello everyone. So, my visa has been granted & I am itching to get my flight booked so I can look forward to it but do not want to rush into anything in case I make a bad decision. My plan is to book a flight to Perth for the end of February & visit some relatives & ...

Posted By DenKav on 13th November 2012

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Driving from Broome to Cairns

Hi guys does an anyone know if it is possible to drive from Broome to Cairns in a sedan? Most forums I read say you can for most parts but what am I supposed to do in another parts. I am moving to Cairns and need to get my car across. Ideas would be really helpful, planning on ...

Posted By Smm88 on 29th October 2012

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A Travel app developed from the frustrations of travel!

Hi All! So a little background. I have now travelled to over 30 countries (going backpacking again for a year in January) and there has always been one little struggle throughout this… 'do I need a visa for country X, Y or Z?' I always had conflicting information and it ...

Posted By ausvisa on 1st October 2012

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1st time travelling, off to Great Ocean Road any tips?

First time travellers, 2 parents,14 and 16 year old kids. Planning to travel and see the Great Ocean Road, we have 3 weeks to do the trip. This will be a summer trip due to work commitments. We have done some small trips but nothing like this. We need some help and advise on ...

Posted By Graham on 14th August 2012

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Private Caravan storage required Gold Coast

We require storage for our 21 ft caravan when not travelling. If anyone has storage facilities on acreage or private home close to Burleigh Heads it would help us greatly. We have been broken into at a storage facility and are apprehensive to store again at these facilities. ...

Posted By Anhuth on 31st July 2012

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Undercover caravan storage Victoria or Murray

Hi I am looking for cheap undercover storage for my 24ft caravan for approx oct-june yearly. I would like somewhere in Vic or Murray area. I'm in Hobart but wish to store the van when I am not using it. Would appreciate any ideas where I could get reasonable rates and safe ...

Posted By neiltas on 29th July 2012

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Am I too old for backpacking?

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Having begun backpacking at the age of 27 and travelled fairly extensively I now am wondering at what age one becomes too old for backpacking. I mean feeling just as fit and in some ways stronger at the age of 39 I can't help wondering if I would be perceived as being too old ...

Posted By mick on 26th July 2012

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Travel and Study In Melbourne

Hi, I want to know some activities that I can do in Melbourne or any other city in Australia. I also need recommendation for good Informatics University. Thank you. :)

Posted By imoscar on 20th July 2012

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Travel Costs

Hi all, The mrs and i have just decided to up and leave everything and travel australia for roughly 18 months to 2 years. 20 and 21. We want to see it all and experience it all. We will be purchasing a van and kitting out etc for the trip. Roughly 2008 toyota hiace or similar. ...

Posted By samcarty on 1st July 2012

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Travelling Nurse

Hi all! I am about a year away from finishing my RN degree, I plan to work for a couple of years then travel Australia, once we have some money behind us (I'm married with two kids). My question is - is it easy to pick up casual work as I travel? I'd love to hear from any other ...

Posted By nikkib on 9th May 2012

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Outright or loan

Ok- I'm a bit tossed on what to do. My son (6yo) have set our sights to travel this great country in 2013- which leaves many decisions to be made. I currently have a 2007 Toyota Aurion on a fixed secured loan until the end of November 2012. No caravan as yet. Scenario 1. Keep ...

Posted By leej on 19th March 2012

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Selling everything to travel

Hi there, We are considering selling everything, House and contents to be able to travel Australia. We love stopping in the freebie sites all around this country but would love to hear from other caravan campers who have done this and never regretted their desicion. The most ...

Posted By TravelBug on 11th March 2012

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Information required on Lemair washing machine

Notsogreynomads @ Wilsons Promontory Feb 2012

Hi all, we have a Lemair washing machine in our van that we have been using for nearly two years. I have never used the function to clean the washing machine, and as I can't find my instruction booklet I am wondering if anyone can tell me what I have to do? Thank you.

Posted By notsogreynomad on 4th March 2012

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caravan storage

Am wanting info on caravan storage for approx 6 months in Perth West Aust. Thanks Shirley

Posted By shirley on 27th January 2012

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With a campervan from Brisbane to Melbourne

Hi guys! I am not sure where to post this, I hope I will get some help within this thread. My girlfriend and I are living in Melbourne for one year, doing our Master in this fantastic city and are going to do a road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne, starting in two weeks. I have ...

Posted By Benjamin on 10th January 2012

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Moving to Sydney from Canada for a few months...

Hey guys! So I know that there is certain stuff I need in order to come to Aussie... things like a TFN (tax file number), and a working visa. When is a good time to apply for these things? And is it true that you have to book a round trip to aussie? I was hoping to just book ...

Posted By Kate on 9th December 2011

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2012 around oz with kids

We are heading north from brissy in march 2012 for a trip around oz with no time constraints. Selling house, business and bought caravan justvwaiting on birth of number 3 before heading off with kids 4and3. Would be great to have a network of other families doing a similar trip ...

Posted By Leah and Marty on 17th October 2011

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Warning to dog owners 1080 baiting

All dog owners, once and only warning, please pass onto anyone travelling. Dogs are our pets and a beloved family member, but when travelling along the Eyre highway and rural and remote areas of WA and within perth city limits etc, please be aware, 1080 wild dog and fox baiting ...

Posted By Wyld Boyz on 16th October 2011

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caravan storage near parramatta

I need to store my caravan, can anybody suggest places around that offer this service at a reasonable rate.

Posted By AGITATOR on 22nd May 2011

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Looking for Long Term Caravan Storage

Hi all, We are very keen to upgrade from our camper trailer to a caravan but do not have the storage space at our home to keep it with us. We are looking for some long term storage in the Brisbane area where we can keep it regularly. Something that is reasonably priced. Any ...

Posted By Marcelle on 16th April 2011

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Travelling Australia with 2 Dogs

We are looking for advice from anyone who has travelled Australia with a dog/dogs. We have two small staffys who are really well behaved and quiet. We are looking at travelling for about 12 months, trying not to work but we may have to. Has anyone travelled with dogs, how ...

Posted By Rebecca T on 14th April 2011

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Camping LPG light

Bottle LPG

Is anyone knows if this type of cassette LPG bottle is available in Australia? If yes, where can I buy it? In common supermarket or hardware store? I want to use this for my camping light Thanks

Posted By ivan on 27th March 2011

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Travel with babies and small children - book

Hi, I am writing a book for parents traveling with babies and small children. As well as practical health advice I'm keen to include some stories and tips from parents. I'd love to hear from you if you have: (1) A travel story you would be happy to contribute (500 words). or (2) ...

Posted By Danielle on 22nd March 2011

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A motorhome painter asking about storage.

Hello to all of you living the dream, I have designed and painted over 200 motorhomes, over 3000 boats and alot of 95% of those where over 28ft long and around the Gold Coast area. Some of you I have had the pleasure to meet and work on your motorhomes. Some of ...

Posted By Sean Brown on 5th March 2011

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Farm work

Hey, This is Ben and I've been travelling in Australia for around 4 months and have fallen in love with this place. I heard somethind about getting a visa extension but don't ...

Posted By bensaunders88 on 3rd March 2011

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How to get started in Australia

Hi guys, I am coming out to Oz in about 4 months and heard there are companies that help you out when you get there? Someone mentioned something about some guys called oz intro? I don't know whether places like this are worth it or not, but i heard they help you out with a ...

Posted By Hannahwilldoit on 3rd March 2011

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Travelling from Adelaide to Darwin

Hey, how is it going? I am planning to travel from Adelaide to Darwin with some friends and was a bit unsure of how I should prepare myself before I go and what should pack for the trip. I will be using a 2002 Prado TD with a portable fridge. Thanks in advance!

Posted By Mitchell on 3rd March 2011

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re travelling around wa

looking at travelling around wa with husband september 2011 to end of october 2011. wanting some advise on best camping places, hiring of camper van or should i go vehicle and camper trailer ? any helpful information would be appreciated. at this stage looking at flying from ...

Posted By chris on 23rd January 2011

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Car/Campervan Hire

Hey guys Myself and a friend are travelling to Australia in April for a month. Landing in Cairns and making our way down the East Coast where we can drop the vehicle off at Sydney. We're looking at car or campervan hire depending on what is cheaper. Any links to websites or ...

Posted By Adam on 19th January 2011

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Camping in the red centre

Hey guys, I'm planning to go camping in the red centre. Has anybody done that? Are there any camping tours there? Thanks

Posted By Daphne Smithfield on 17th January 2011

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Planning for the big trip around OZ!

Hi,we are thinking of going around OZ in Jan 2012! We would love to hear back from some families travelling who are working around, what sort of budget you have, do we home school or do distance ed? We have 5 kids 8,7,5,3 & 4weeks. We will be travelling around with a 4wd and ...

Posted By Leetisha & Tim Hillier on 8th January 2011

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Official ports or exit and entry

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have a question I would really apreciate someone helping me with. At some time in the New Year I would like to try and crew out of Australia to PNG, and would like to know the offical sea ports of exit and entry for both. Does anyone have a ...

Posted By mad dog on 27th December 2010

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What clothes to pack for a roadtrip

Clothing Tips - What type of clothes are best? This depends on the type of accomodation, your mode of travel and your destination. I will concentrate on a driving/touring holiday for now. In that situation, whatever is comfortable for car travel and that doesn't need ironing ...

Posted By Sparksy on 12th September 2010

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Shopping on Coventry St, South Melbourne

Coventry Bookstore on Coventry Street, South Melbourne

If you are looking for a great weekend activity, check out South Melbourne. There is a fresh food market with delicious produce as well as a stack of cafes serving amazing coffee, breakfast, lunch and snacks. Once you have had a look at the market and refuelled with breakfast/lunch, ...

Posted By Coco Belle on 9th September 2010

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Driving Stuart Highway - Adelaide to Darwin

Hello everyone! I'm from Sweden and me and my friend are looking to go to Australia from October-December. A 6-8 week trip all in all. A life-long dream for me has been to drive the amazing Stuart Highway from south to north coast and it seems that my dream might come true during ...

Posted By aTallroth on 16th July 2010

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Traveling around Australia

I was wondering if anyone out there has travelled around australia leaving from Perth WA and can advise on when to leave. We are wanting to capitalise on the best weather all the way round. I am planning the trip for next year and can leave any time. Thank you. Donna.

Posted By Donna Evans on 13th June 2010

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Backpacking Hostels?

Hi everyone, Im gonna start Backpacking Australia at the beginning of july and was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on what hostels to avoid and which ones to visit? all help would be appreciated.

Posted By jacob on 25th May 2010

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Travelling from Broome to Perth

Hey all My sister and I are flying into Broome on 29th May and renting a campervan for 3 weeks. We are travelling down to Perth and I'd be really grateful if anyone can give us any recommendations of places we really should see/go, trips we should do, places to avoid etc. Also ...

Posted By JaneH on 12th May 2010

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Closest clear water campsite to Brisbane

Hi Guys, Great site, I am looking for the closest camp site to Brisbane where I can find beautiful clear water (like great barrier reef). Thank you!

Posted By Mazzi on 4th May 2010

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your experiences traveling aroundaustralia with kids

Hello,we are leaving at the end of july for a trip around aust with our 10yr old daughter & would like to hear from anyone who is currently traveling & schooling there child/children as they travel & how they go about it.

Posted By james atkinson on 27th April 2010

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Caravan Insurance

Hi Folks, We are selling the house and having a Van built. We will be living in the van full time and travelling with no fixed address - but will have a postal address (Daughter in Canberra) My question is - how do I get Van insurance. All the companies I contacted (AAMI, Allianz, ...

Posted By Doug on 22nd April 2010

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Traveling from melbourne all the way round Australia for 9 weeks July, August, September

Hi, im from Melbourne planning on spending 9 weeks traveling around Aust from the 24th June till 18th Sept. Anyone interested in coming along and chipping in a little for fuel would be welcome. Planning on going to Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Arlie Beach, Magnetic ...

Posted By Troy Smith on 16th March 2010

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Travelling around Australia with kids!!!

Hi all I am packing up the Patrol towing a Jayco Hawk Outback and setting off with the wife and 2 kids, 1 and 3. I would love to hear about others that have done similar. We are planning to go for around 12 months and have no real plan except to not be up north for the wet ...

Posted By Haleys on 10th March 2010

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travelling to coburg peninsula nt

Hi everyone we are travelling to coburg peninsula nt in july and were wondering if anyone has travelled there and whether it is worth extending the time we have booked to 2 weeks any suggestione would be helpful

Posted By BRIAN EVELEIGH on 9th March 2010

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Traveling with no power comforts!!!!!!

You have to be crazy to travel with no solar panels on your roof these days! Now you have no excuse.... You can now enjoy the freedom of being TOTALLY power self sufficient....for $2 per watt. Our buying network have new 280 watt panels available to every one. This is because ...

Posted By Maggie on 7th March 2010

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Farm Work In Griffith NSW..DONT GET DUPED!

I came to griffith with the promise of work from a local farmer. He guaranteed me and two others work and accomodation only to discover when we arrived here there was no work, only accomodation i.e. his friends house was available. We had travelled from Sydney to be here so had ...

Posted By Aimz on 15th January 2010

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tips on study tour in the Sunshine Coast

Hello there! Does anyone have the idea on student accommodation on the Sunshine Coast? I just found this site and i thought i need to have suggestions before choosing a student accommodation group that will arrange my whole stay in Sunshine Coast. I'm ...

Posted By studyinaustralia on 4th January 2010

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Hiring or buying a 4WD campervan?

We are looking into hiring or buying a 4WD camper and we saw this web site: Did anybody try them? Can someone give us advise?

Posted By Ozy on 1st January 2010

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melbourne to gold coast

can any one help me i will be driving from melbourne to gold coast in jan 2010 with my son and our dog and i want to know where we can stop over night with our dog i

Posted By louise richardson on 19th December 2009

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Check this out if your coming to Australia!!

Hey Guys, If your thinking of coming down under anytime soon, and planning on staying for around 3 weeks or more, a Kiwi friend of mine... we dont all hate each other... got one of these discount cards from a place called Aussie Travel Saver. She has since gone back to New ...

Posted By Aussieguy86 on 14th December 2009

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free camping

Hi, A lot of people still dont realise there are lots of places you can camp for free, save yourself a lot of money, We are heading south soon and will be camphosts for a month. you can see us on youtube.

Posted By wytegarillaz on 26th November 2009

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Cultural Travel Tips

Abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the place you are staying.Respect local wildlife and local native culture. Always note the mysafetravel.

Posted By karen brandon on 25th November 2009

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Car hire on the Sunshine Coast

I have recently arrived in Queensland (from the UK) to visit family and plan my move over. After a stay at Hervey Bay backpackers this week I plan on staying on the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks. Any tips on the best / cheapest place to hire a small car there for 3 weeks or ...

Posted By nazza on 2nd November 2009

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I dont have a clue how to start

Me and my girlfriend came over 3 months ago to Perth, but we have gone our separate ways and I want to start travelling on January first. I know no one here apart from the guys I work with and was wondering were you find out were people who are travelling and want some company ...

Posted By david farrell on 16th October 2009

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New to travelling, not sure where to start? Help please

Hi My friend and I are very keen to go to Australia! We have never travelled before so dont have a clue where to start. We would like to stay out for 3 months. We wont be going until i finish my universtiy course in may, after which I will need some time to save up. Also if ...

Posted By Ash on 6th October 2009

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Store your Caravan for free Victoria

We are staying with our 96 year old Nanna while our house is being built. We need the use to of a caravan or camper. We will store it in her back yard so we can escape now and again. When you need the caravan just let us know and we will make sure it is looking like new. We ...

Posted By Rory Molloy on 16th September 2009

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Looking at Traveling

Hey all Planning on Traveling now, what are some good tips with take the basic gear when traveling on the road, Heading South of Perth first. Two persons.

Posted By tommytomato on 13th September 2009

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Where is the best beach in Australia?

Hi Everyone, Have u any idea....

Posted By Alex on 11th September 2009

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Is it safe for a woman, elderly parent and young children to drive in the outback of Australia

Is it safe for a woman, elderly parent and young children to drive in the outback of Australia? plan on driving from Sydney up the most inner highway into Qld, turn left then on to the Sturt Hway, up to Darwin, then back down to Alice Springs, Uluru, and then the quickest way ...

Posted By LadyDriver on 16th August 2009

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NT holiday

We are leaving in 13 days for our 2nd trip to the NT (can't wait) This time however we are going to Ayres Rock and surrounds. Can anyone tell me of some slightly cheaper activities? I would love to go on a camel with the kids but the prices are ridiculous. I did read somewhere ...

Posted By Nicolle on 24th June 2009

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If anyone is going to the gold coast, Australia please do not swim in the canals they are full of bull sharks and my friends dog was taken while swimming in a canal.

Posted By fred on 9th June 2009

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Hi people of Australia ;-) I am going to travel with my friends from Poland to Singapore on motorbikes. One day I thought: When we will get to Singapore why do not go further and visit Your beautiful and amazing country full of extraordinary people ;-))) So my question is: ...

Posted By LukiKi on 29th May 2009

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Best time to travel around Australia

Hi Guys, we are planning a family trip around Australia next year and are flexible with the times we go. We have an on road caravan so we need to be cautious about weather conditions. We will be starting from Melbourne and are looking for advice on the best time to leave heading ...

Posted By Shane Kinder on 30th April 2009

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Lemair 2.2 washing machine for caravan

I am looking at installing a Lemair washing machine in my caravan, 2.2 capacity but could some advise who has one the amount of articles that will fit in the bowl eg 2 towels ??,are you able to fill bowl to top of bowl with items and what laundry detergent you recommend and have ...

Posted By Wilma on 24th April 2009

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narooma-oyster festival

Interested in this festival. Any thoughs/comments regarding worthyness since it is several hours south of Sydney and we only have 2 weeks in NSW. Cheers.

Posted By Frank V on 19th April 2009

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We got free petrol when driving through regional NSW!!!

Well, my hubby and I returned from our first big 8 week 'nomad' trip away. What a laugh - I think for your first adventure, everything that can go wrong will go wrong! However, I wanted to share something my daughter shared with us. A mystery shopping company helped us pay ...

Posted By MollyPolly on 15th April 2009

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Store Your Caravan for FREE

Hi, I live on the Tweed Coast of NSW and have a large, secure yard. We are looking for a caravan for our nanny to live in while she stays with us. We would ensure your caravan is well maintained and secure at all times and it would not leave our premises. The caravan would need ...

Posted By Chantal on 14th April 2009

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Good Dentist?

I went to an excellent Dentist in India ( and had Damon braces fitted. I need to see a dentist to get them adjusted. Can anyone recommend an orthodontist in Melbourne?

Posted By Jenny on 2nd April 2009

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where not to go in aust

Hi all. My husband and I with a 13 and 11 are off around australia but am worried that we might pull into a caravan park that is not as good as some and not know it. Are there any places in australia that aren't safe to stay the night thanks sharon

Posted By sharon on 15th February 2009

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travelling around australia

Hi me and my best friend are thinking of travelling around the whole ef Australia. we are starting from Sydney. Any idea how long it will take roughly and how much money will we need? thanks.

Posted By leni on 12th January 2009

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Single Travellers

Any suggestions for a single traveller arriving in Brisbane who wants to meet up with other travellers?

Posted By Sue on 15th December 2008

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Travelling around Oz for 6 months & heading Nth

Buying a caravan and upgrading the 4wd and plan to go around OZ with our kids next year for 6 months. Does any-one no where I can locate an existing travel plan with stops/camping grounds. Raewyn

Posted By Raewyn on 9th November 2008

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4 month trip

Gday, My girlfriend and I are going to drive around all of Oz, heading north from sydney and going anti-clockwise next august in my toyota Hiace. We will be pretty much sticking to the coast as much as possible and are just wondering what a rough estimate per week in dollars ...

Posted By matt on 30th October 2008

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Your experiences travelling around Australia with kids

Travelling Around Australian with Kids

Hi there I am writing an article about families travelling around Australia for long periods. I would really love to hear some of your experiences if you have done this recently (or in the past). Things I am interested in specifically are: 1. Funny stories / adventures 2. Hazardous ...

Posted By Fiona on 21st October 2008

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Travelling interstate with my cat

I plan to move interstate (One and half day trip) and want to take my 3yr old cat in the car with me. Do you have any suggestions as last time I took him in my car just for a ...

Posted By vanessa on 18th September 2008

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Motorhome Storage

Hi! Just wondering/hoping if there's anyone out there who would be able to store my Winnebago motorhome, or know of some cheap storage facility, in or around Melbourne? Its measurements are: length 6080 width 2050 height ...

Posted By Kerry Otto on 29th August 2008

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Long term travel around oz

My partner and i are travelling around oz starting early next year, leaving from Brisbane and going north. We plan to go for 6 months to start and see how we go. We have an 1978 Landcruiser (it's in great condition) which we plan to use. We plan to install a dual battery system ...

Posted By Karen on 20th August 2008

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Buying a van/car in aus

my boyfriend and i will be arriving in sydney next week. we plan to spend a year working and travelling around the place and want to buy a van/big car to drive around, sleep in and generally live out of. any suggestions as to how to go about buying a van? i've heard about ...

Posted By Robyn Chesterman on 19th August 2008

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Are there any campsites in central coast of NSW area which allow 16 year olds without parents? Thanks

Posted By luke on 15th July 2008

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Riverlife Adventure Center

While traveling through Brisbane recently I came across Riverlife Adventure Center. I spent the day kayaking along the Brisbane River and rock climbing up Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which looked over the river! It was one of the most fun things I did while in Australia!!! They also ...

Posted By kate2008 on 9th July 2008

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Working in Perth

Hello, me and a friend are working in Perth for about 6 months coming up in mid august and then we plan on traveling for 2 or three months and then heading over to NZ for a couple weeks. I was wondering if in such a small amount of time if we should look at booking tours to see ...

Posted By Logan on 12th June 2008

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5 Days in Hobart, What to See, What to Do??

Hi I'm new to these forums so I'm hoping someone from Hobart is reading here. I'm travelling to Hobart on the 9th of July, first time visitor, so I will feel like a total I am staying at Port Arthur on the first night then heading back to Hobart to spend the ...

Posted By Toni MacAllister on 11th June 2008

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Driving from Melbourne to Sydney on 25th of April, Need someone to come along

Hi I am driving to Sydney on this Weekend on Friday, I was hoping someone going the same way to come along for company, they can pitch in a small amount to help me cover the cost of travel. I wont be driving back since i am dropping off the car at my brother's

Posted By Hussain Mansoor on 23rd April 2008

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Travel & Work Around Oz

My Husband & I are about to head off around Australia in less than 2 months with our Jack Russell. We have a 4wd dual cab with canopy and a Camper Trailer. We plan to work along the way. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how long it might take us to travel around ...

Posted By Caroline on 20th April 2008

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I'll store your van...

I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I am prepared to store a van for 3 months free if you need to: June - August. We hope to have a German Exchange student and one of my teenage children would sleep in it. The van would be kept securely in our garage. Anyone interested? The ...

Posted By Roy on 17th April 2008

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any tips please!

Hey guys, my fella and I are looking to go to australia for 6-9 months, how much money ideally do you need to take we were thinking 3,000 pounds each is that enough? We will be working as well, how easy is it to get employment? We'll take anything! Is it better to plan the ...

Posted By Lisa on 26th March 2008

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Around Australia by yacht

We recently purchased a 30' yacht and are thinking of travelling around Australia by it but need to find out where safe ports of call are that are not too difficult to get into should the weather change. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have already done ...

Posted By Paula & Tim on 24th March 2008

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safety up the east coast

There will just be me and my girlfriend driving up the east coast to cairns, just wanted to know how safe it all is and what to watch out for! Thank you very much!

Posted By james williams on 19th March 2008

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driving in oz(please help)

Hello people, planning on driving up the east coast with my girlfriend in the next couple of weeks. We are goin 2 buy a car in queensland, but in the uk I am band from driving but still hold my uk driving license card (pink one). Just wondering if iI would still be able to drive ...

Posted By james williams on 19th March 2008

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Who's Travelled Australia??????

This is just a Topic for everyone that has travelled australia. I'm looking at heading off in 2 months for my first time and was curious to know where everyone goes, whats good and whats not. Anything to steer clear of and places definitely not to miss. Any info would be great. ...

Posted By Jimmy on 5th March 2008

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Searching for Mini Shower

I used to have a "shower" that looped around your neck and the tube went down to a foot pump. You could stand in a bowl of water with a shower curtain around you and happily shower inside a small caravan. Now I'm back in the caravanning scene and can't find this handy tube shower ...

Posted By Kath McDicken on 2nd March 2008

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Quintrex 5m Seabreeze - Feedback

Hi All, We're looking at buying a 2002 Quintrex 5m Seabreeze (wide beam) and would be VERY interested in hearing from anyone who might have one, or had one, and your thougts and experiences with this boat. Look forward to hearing from you.

Posted By Bex Bradshaw on 28th January 2008

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Deep Sea Fishing

Hey, I'm coming to Queensland from Victoria for a holiday in about 6 weeks and was wondering if anyone could let me know of the best spots to go deep sea fishing? Cheers

Posted By Nick on 24th January 2008

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Australia Zoo

Hi there, I went to Australia Zoo in mid 2006 and it was amazing. There are great shows there plus oppurtunities to hold koalas, snakes and even baby alligators. There is also a baby animal farm which is great for kids. Visiting Australia Zoo was one of the best experiences my ...

Posted By Liz on 24th January 2008

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Travelling around OZ with older kids

we are a family of four in the planning stages of a trip around Australia. My biggest concern is the schooling of my soon to be 13 yr old who will be missing year 8 whilst we are travelling. Has anyone homeschooled teenagers on the road? I have heard that 'Distance Education' ...

Posted By Kira on 7th December 2007

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Working Holiday Down Under

Hi, Im planning on taking a working holiday to australia in sept 08. I can either fly into Sydney or Melbourne, and then go from there. I am at a loss of where to go. Im young and looking for a fun year, surrounded by beaches and hopefully other young people. Im also hoping to ...

Posted By Rebecca on 27th November 2007

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Driving from Perth to Eastern States

We are going over east around Mid January. We are waiting for our house to settle around then, but are not sure where we can stay, and what we should take, other than water from what I've read. We are going in a 4wd Prado with 2 kids. So could someone help me out with where are ...

Posted By Kellie on 11th November 2007

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What equipment?

Hi, I am heading off travelling downunder after X-mas and would like to get some advice on what the bare essentials I should be packing into my backpack are? Apart from shorts and sun tan lotion I am at a loss???

Posted By Alex Barder on 29th October 2007

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Short Term Caravan Storage

My husband and I are about to set off on our trip around oz and we plan on seeing as much as we can.... however certain parts are only 4WD accessible and obviously you can't take a van everywhere... any ideas on where you can safely leave your van for a couple of days at a time ...

Posted By Arlene Palmer on 15th October 2007

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Travelling around OZ with a dog

Travelling around oz with a dog.

Hi, my partner & I are trying to plan a 12 month working / caravaning trip around Australia with our dog & would love to hear from anyone who has done the same. We already have the Holidaying with Dogs book but would like to hear from anyone first hand regarding ideas ...

Posted By Bex on 10th October 2007

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I'm doing a project on australian english and i'm from Russia, so it's difficult to find some good info here, so I need some help from australian people. I'm interested in australian slang, jokes and all that sort of stuff. I will be very grateful if you be of any help! Thank ...

Posted By Julia on 1st October 2007

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Seasonal Work with a DOG

I'm coming to Australia on a working holiday visa. Does anyone know of any seasonal employment that would allow for me to keep my dog? Fruit picking seems as though it'd be rather difficult to care for my dog, unless any one knows of some farms that allow dogs? CHEERS!

Posted By Sara on 24th September 2007

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I am considering heading north to the cape from cairns next year. Have a Honda CRV and wondering if anyone can give me an idea of whether I am kidding myself or whether the Honda will get there OK. I am getting mixed messages as to whether I need a bigger 4wd. Will definitely ...

Posted By Dave on 17th September 2007

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Before you travel

I do this personally before travelling and find it puts my mind a bit at rest. Photocopy your passport, licence, all credit cards back and front take a copy with you and leave a copy of these with a friend at home. Saves some drama and panic if any of these are lost.

Posted By sally on 16th September 2007

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Need some info, travelling to Australia

Im am living in Dublin, Ireland. I am looking to travel to Australia hopefully after the new year so around the start of 2008. Is this a good time? I am also looking to know how much money I will need, how to go about getting a bank account sorted. I am looking to start off ...

Posted By Christopher Ormonde on 25th July 2007

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Irukandji jellyfish

Hi, I will be in Cairns in November these year and I want to do some snorkelling. But now I have heard you can't because of the Irukandji jellyfish. Can somebody tell me something about that? Greetz Eleanor

Posted By Eleanor on 11th June 2007

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One week Only - starting Sydney

Hi, I am spending 12 days in Australia. The first 5 and last 1 day in Sydney. In between I will have 1 week (Mon-Fri) to drive / fly / experience Australia. I was thinking of Driving Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide and fly back, alternatively Drive Sydney - Cairns and fly back, ...

Posted By Jordan on 5th June 2007

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Good, cheap food in Australia

If youre in Hervey Bay, Qld I'd recommend the Spice Shop in Scarness. I had been travelling forever in search of a good, healthy vegetarian CURRY!!!! I was desperate. Here I found manna from heaven. You wont be disappointed.

Posted By Jill Bloomfield on 1st April 2007

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Aussie Slang

Hi. Im coming to Australia in June. I have heard that Australians use a lot of slang. What are some phrases I should know before I arrive?

Posted By Paul on 30th March 2007

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Travelling with Kiddies

I am about to depart on a 6 month holiday travelling around Australia with 2 kids aged 18 months and 3 years. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the trip even a LITTLE bit less stressful!

Posted By Lauren on 30th March 2007

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buying a caravan

I am looking at buying my first caravan and would love to hear some hints from caravan owners with regards to what I should look for

Posted By Roger on 28th March 2007

Views : 4217 | Comments : 3

Maiden Caravan Voyage

I am thinking about setting off on my first caravan holiday soon. Can any seasoned caravan owners please offer me some hints for my first trip away?

Posted By Andrew on 28th March 2007

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Accessories for my Caravan

Im embarking on a year long caravan adventure in May and am looking for any suggestions for caravan accessories that might make my journey more comfortable/practical. . .

Posted By Shirley on 28th March 2007

Views : 6872 | Comments : 4

Camping Newcomer

Has anyone got any camping tips they would like to share with a first time camper?

Posted By Amy Smith on 28th March 2007

Views : 9959 | Comments : 2

Camping Checklist

Im going on my first camping trip in 2 weeks and am trying to write a checklist so I dont forget anything important. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should add to it?

Posted By Chris on 28th March 2007

Views : 38494 | Comments : 3

First time 4WDer

Im departing on my first 4WD holiday in the coming months and need all the help I can get! Does anyone have any hints for 4WDing?

Posted By Hannah on 28th March 2007

Views : 2710 | Comments : 4

Spare parts for my 4WD

Does anyone have any suggestions for what spare parts I should take on my 4WD holiday?

Posted By Miriam on 28th March 2007

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4WD vehicle recovery

I am a clumsy 4WDer who always gets himself stuck in the mud. Can anyone give me any hints about vehicle recovery and what I should have onboard to get myself out?

Posted By Matt on 28th March 2007

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Camping with my Dog

I'm taking my dog camping soon and want to know if anyone has any tips about camping with pets...?

Posted By David Wren on 28th March 2007

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First Aid for my Pet

Hi. Im taking my pet on holiday and want to make sure I am prepared for if he gets injured. What first aid equipment should I take?

Posted By Gary on 28th March 2007

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Ticks and taking my pet on holiday

I'm looking at taking my pet on holiday in a few weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can prepare my animal, do I need to be concerned about Ticks etc, what I should consider etc?

Posted By Susan on 28th March 2007

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Animal Kennels

Hi. I am going on holiday in a few months and have to leave my pets behind (cat and a dog). I'm starting to look into a kennel for both pets. Does anyone have any tips about what I should look for, avoid etc?

Posted By Wendy Richards on 28th March 2007

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Travelling with my Dog

Hi everyone. I will be taking my 4 year old dog on holiday with me in the coming weeks. We will be in the car for approximately 4 hours. Does anyone have any tips for making the journey comfortable and safe for my pet?

Posted By Susan White on 28th March 2007

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Fishing Styles

Hey everyone. Im a keen but not so successful fisherman. I'm looking for tips about other peoples' favourite/most successful fishing styles?

Posted By Tony Everton on 28th March 2007

Views : 2604 | Comments : 3

Looking at Getting into Boating

Hi my family and I are looking at getting into boating this summer. Does anyone have any tips on how to get started?

Posted By Tom on 28th March 2007

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Safety Equipment on Boats

Hi everyone. My family and I have recently bought a boat and are having our first boating holiday soon. Does anyone have any hints for additional safety equipment to take onboard?

Posted By Sam on 28th March 2007

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Buying a Boat

Hi, I am looking at buying a boat for my family in the coming months. I'm interested in any tips from boat owners with regards to what I should look for, avoid etc.

Posted By Jason Edwards on 28th March 2007

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New backpacker

Alright i'm going to land in Sydney Feb 1st 2008. I dont know what to bring. What needs to be planned. Im going by myself and I dont have a clue about anything. Any advice would help. I heard u can get this ticket to a bus that travels all around the country and u can stop ...

Posted By Spencer Wik on 20th March 2007

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Fast Food in Oz

What fastfood/takeaway stores are popular in Australia?

Posted By Katie on 12th March 2007

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Hi. My husband and I are considering immigrating to Australia. We have children aged 4 and 6. What age will they start school in Australia?

Posted By Vicky Tanner on 12th March 2007

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Im a 16 year old whose parents are looking to move to Australia. When can I get my licence over there? What side of the road do you drive on?

Posted By Fiona on 12th March 2007

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I am a 20 year old male coming to Australia for a year or so and I'm looking at getting involved in a sports club. What are the most popular team sports in Australia?

Posted By Nick on 12th March 2007

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I am booked into travel around NSW and QLD in June/July of this year. Will it be very cold?

Posted By Linda Barclay on 12th March 2007

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Is it safe to swim in the sea in Australia? Is there lifeguards on the beaches?

Posted By Brent on 12th March 2007

Views : 2342


I am travelling to Australia in 2008 and will have minimal funds. What are some fun, free/cheap activities to do in Australia?

Posted By Cathy on 12th March 2007

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I will be travelling to Australia later this year and want to get from Brisbane to Sydney. What is the best way to get there? Do any airlines do cheap fares interstate?

Posted By Allistair Lyne on 12th March 2007

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Hi im a young traveller looking forward to visiting Australia in the near future, just wondering what is the legal drinking age there?

Posted By Scott on 12th March 2007

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Im thinking of going skiing while holidaying in Australia. Are there any good ski fields? Where? When's the best time for snow?

Posted By Jenny Dobson on 12th March 2007

Views : 3307 | Comments : 2


What season is it in Australia during December? What sort of weather should I expect?

Posted By Tracey Powter on 12th March 2007

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Im looking at travelling around in Australia in 2008, I won't have a vehicle so I was wondering what the public transport will be like in the city. Will it be easy for me to get around?

Posted By Michelle Howell on 12th March 2007

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My friend and I are coming to Australia for a holiday and were wondering what the nightlife's like in Australia?

Posted By Todd Wilson on 12th March 2007

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Im looking into buying a caravan/camper trailer. What should I look for? What sort of price range should I expect?

Posted By Samantha Dutton on 12th March 2007

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I am a single female looking at travelling around Australia, do you think it is safe for me to travel alone? Should I drive, bus or fly to the different destinations?

Posted By Rachael Kielly on 12th March 2007

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Backpacker Question

Im a backpacker from Canada, I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me? What is the name of the town or village where it is legal to smoke marijuana? Thanks to whoever can answer my question

Posted By Jack on 10th July 2006

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Before travelling overseas, I've found it useful to scan all document information (passport number/travellers cheque numbers,credit card numbers etc) and email it to yourself (probably at a hotmail address)... If the worst happens, you can usually access email with few problems ...

Posted By Kim on 20th August 2003

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