Is it safe for a woman, elderly parent and young children to drive in the outback of Australia

Is it safe for a woman, elderly parent and young children to drive in the outback of Australia?

plan on driving from Sydney up the most inner highway into Qld, turn left then on to the Sturt Hway, up to Darwin, then back down to Alice Springs, Uluru, and then the quickest way back to Sydney (South Australia and back to Sydney through Hay?).

Driving an older sedan, staying on the main tarred highways and staying at motels. I've seen advice that says carry a full set of spares (does that mean 4 tyres?), is that applicable for tar highways though?

Also, do I need to carry petrol, or are there petrol stations frequently along the highways? If you break down, is there much traffic to help you? Do mobile phones work?

Also, how long would it take?
And are there many kids playgrounds along the way? Are there places to stop and buy meals along the way? Are there frequent motels?

Posted By LadyDriver on 16th August 2009

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As long as you get your car serviced before you go, you should not have any problems making the trip, as long as you stick to the sealed roads. You wont need a full set of spare tyres if you stick to sealed roads - this is only applicable to unsealed surfaces - but make sure your spare is properly inflated before leaving.

Although I haven't made a trip across that particular part of the country, I have made many trips across various parts of the outback this year in a ten year old Camry (I've taken the year off work), including some traveling on unsealed roads without any problems. On sealed main highways, you wont need spare petrol, as there are usually roadhouses every 100-250 km - just make sure you don't let the tank drop much below half way or you could run out before you get to the next roadhouse!

Mobiles generally don't work in the outback, only in the major towns.
If by chance you do want to venture off the sealed roads at any point, just ask at a visitor centre or police station what the road you intend to travel on is like and whether a car like your's would be okay on it.


Posted By Vaughan on Saturday 19th September 2009 @ 12:45:42


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