Travelling interstate with my cat

I plan to move interstate (One and half day trip) and want to take my 3yr old cat in the car with me.

Do you have any suggestions as last time I took him in my car just for a short trip he made a mess in his pet carrier.

Is there some kind of travel pill for cats.

M Thanks


Posted By vanessa on 18th September 2008

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I am going to do the same with a cat! From what the pet shop said, there is a spray....feromones, helps them settle.
Hope this helps......

Posted By marieasif on Friday 20th April 2012 @ 20:59:36


We often travel in our RV with a cat. We have a small harness & lead which we attach to something firm so that if we stop suddenly she wont shoot thru the windscreen. We found over the years that cats don't travel well in cat cages but like to see where they're going. Put in a kitty litter tray.

Also you can get tranquiller tablets which we give about 1 hour before leaving but only on the first day.
We've also trained this cat to come to a whistle by feeding her a little every time she obeys the whistleas in we let her off in quiet areas.

Hope this helps.


Posted By Lyn on Tuesday 29th June 2010 @ 12:00:08


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