Fremantle is located at the mouth of the Swan River on the West Coast of Western Australia, it is 20 kilometres south of Perth and offers a relaxing and enjoyable stay away from (but still close to) the glimmering skyscrapers of the Perth cityscape. Fremantle provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience and enjoy a range of cultural activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

The city was founded in 1829 by Charles Fremantle, and developed quickly due to the later Gold Boom in Western Australia. Some fine buildings were built, as was an artificial harbour, giving access to the Swan River. Fremantle has also gained a nickname of Freo, which it is often called.

High Street - FremantleFremantle became a city in its own right by 1929, and survived the building demolitions of the 1890s and the 1960s. The city emerged in 1987 when it was the host city for the Americas Cup sailing challenge, as a city rich in heritage and character.

Western Australian Maritime Museum - FremantleYou can find out about the history of Fremantle and the surrounding area at the Fremantle History Museum, and the WA Maritime Museum. More maritime history can be found in the harbour, where you may be lucky enough to see a replica of the Dyfken which voyaged to Australia in 1606. The Historic Boats Museum also has a selection of boats which you can wander around.

Inside The Round House, Fremantle's original prison - FremantleBuildings which are worth visiting around Fremantle include Fremantle Town Hall, the Georgian Old Customs House, Old Fremantle Prison which offers interesting tours, the Round House which was Fremantle's original prison, Samson House a colonial house and St John's Anglican Church with a remarkable stained glass window.

Fremantle Scenic Tram Tour - FremantleThere are great views across the city from the Port Authority Building which offers tours to the top of the building and its viewing platform. If you'd prefer to see the city from the ground then join one of the Fremantle Tram Tours. Tours include the Fish and Chips Dinner Tour, the Four Harbours Tour and the Historical Trail Tour.

Fremantle is also famous for its fabulous Fremantle Market. The Fremantle Market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and is situated on the corner of Henderson Street and South Terrace. The market has a great atmosphere and can normally supply everyone with what they are looking for.

Fremantle also holds a number of great events and festivals throughout the year. The Sardine Festival is in January and is a tasty food festival. In April is the Buskers Festival, and in November is the fantastic Festival of Fremantle hosting plenty of entertainment around the city.

Fremantle offers a wide range of accommodation including apartments, hostels and hotels, and plenty of restaurants and daytime cafes. The nightlife is also great with plenty of music and action. You can get to Fremantle from Perth on the train, although there is also an enjoyable cruise from Barrack Street Jetty on Oceanic Cruises.

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