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The Hamersley Ranges are located within the majestic Karijini National Park, four and a half hours' drive south of Port Hedland. Features of the Ranges are the spectacular gorges dating back 2000 million years, carved by the waters of the Fortescue and other rivers.

The gorges have sheer walls of rock are layered in colours from red to green and blue to pink in the changing sunlight. The gorges are up to 100 metres deep, with the water flow at their bases sometimes only one metre wide. Others have wide crystal clear pools reflecting the blue skies. Lush green vegetation is prolific and the gorges are cool oases where you can swim and escape the brilliant sunshine.

Camping facilities within the Park are available for an access fee. The Karijini National Park Visitors Centre is open 9am to 4pm daily. It is located on Banyjima Drive, Karijini National Park.

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