Holiday Safety

Holidays are designed to be fun for the whole family, but without acknowledging dangers this time away could quickly turn into a tragedy. Take into consideration the following suggestions on your next break. Special consideration should be made if travelling with children.

* Always make appropriate preparations for surviving in the Outback if you are to be travelling through the isolated desert

* Check for ticks at the end of any day that you have been in the forest. Common targets for these pesky insects are soft patches of skin like under your armpits, behind your knees, in your groin, your belly region and behind your ears

* Children should NEVER be left unsupervised at a beach, pool or waterway

* Ensure that your child's seat belt is securely fastened when travelling long distances

* Look out for snakes and spiders never approach wild animals, despite how harmless they may appear

* Never hike alone, take plenty of water, a flashlight, snacks and always tell others of your plans

* Never leave a fire unattended and have appropriate extinguishing methods available if an emergency arises

* Upon arriving at a destination ask the locals or staff about any local dangers, if there is any be sure to inform your children and/or fellow travellers of the hazards

* When driving to your holiday destination be sure to take breaks for the driver to revitalize and refuel

* When trekking in the bush be sure to wear appropriate attire especially warm clothing and sensible footwear

* While the surf may look safe enough, there are often hidden dangers, always swim between the flags and consult a tide table and/or lifeguard before entering the water

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