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Hook Island General Information: Hook is rugged and a true wilderness island. Hook Peak, at 459 metres, is the highest mountain on the Island. One of the few walking tracks leads to Butterfly Bay - named so because of its unique shape and the butterflies which swarm around its shores.

Two magnificent five kilometre fjord-like inlets, Nara and Macona cut into the southern end of Hook Island to provide a spectacular anchorage for yachts. People refill their water tanks from the cascading waterfalls.

The diversity of coral of the fringing reefs on the northern shores provide some of the best diving and snorkelling in the area. There is a low-key resort on the island, and camping is permitted at several sites around the Island.

The observatory on Hook Island allows visitors to descend nine metres below the ocean to view coral, reef animals and plants in their own habitat. There are marine biologists on hand to explain the wonders of the reef.

Escape to Queensland's tropical islands... Hook Island Queensland's tropical islands are more than just havens of tranquillity, relaxation and beauty, they also provide a diverse range of sceneries, activities and luxury. Essentially, there is a Queensland island to suit the tastes, needs and desires of everyone.

Hook Island Resort has individual weekender units and a beachside bar, coffee shop and barbecue area. This makes the Island a pleasant escape away from the hustle and bustle of more developed islands. Hook Island also has an observatory where visitors can discover the wonders of the reef.

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