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The Historic town of Junee boasts one of the finest collections of early Australian architecture. Junee's main streets are lined with splendid examples of Georgian and Victorian railway buildings and hotels, along with some pleasing 1920s vintage streetfronts. For more than a century Junee was known as 'The Rail Centre of the South' and the impression still lingers.

Junee grew up around its station, the formal grid pattern of streets evident in many country towns is not so obvious here. The town square lies on one side of the station; Broadway on the other. For a first hand look at the town's steam-driven history, visit the Roundhouse Rail Museum. The Great Southern Railway Line was opened in Junee in 1878 and the impressive station, was built five years later in French Renaissance style and still stands today. The Roundhouse, built in 1947 is the only surviving, working railway roundhouse in this part of the world.

While in Junee visit the licorice factory, the lavender farms or Monte Cristo's Haunted House. Also take a Bethungra Dam and Junee's Wetlands. Discover the extensive bird population from the viewing platform.

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