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Kalbarri National Park is approximately a seven hour drive north of Perth, and stretches 50 kilometres inland from the coast and covers over 183,000 hectares. Surrounding the coastal fishing and holiday town of Kalbarri, the Park is arguably one of the best National Parks in Australia.

A main feature is the winding Murchison River, which has cut magnificent red and white banded gorges for 80 kilometres through the Park, as it carves its way to the sea. Gravel roads lead to some of the more interesting gorges where you can explore the river and take in the incredible scenery.

'The Loop' gorge has an incredible rock formation known as Nature's Window, a natural rock arch that frames the view of the river below beautifully. Along the coast are dramatic rugged sandstone cliffs with names like Red Bluff, Eagle Gorge and Mushroom Rock. They make for exciting exploration and wonderfully romantic sunsets.

Hiking tours are marked out in the National Park, providing visitors with a chance to discover the Park their own way and in their own time. Springtime (September to December) is one of the best seasons to visit, as the region comes alive with colour. Literally thousands of blooming wildflower species cover the land, attracting enthusiasts from all over. There are no provisions to camp in the Kalbarri National Park, however the town of Kalbarri is nearby and offers an excellent range of accommodation.

Kalbarri National Park Accommodation

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