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Keswick Island is situated 32 kilometres off the tropical north Queensland city of Mackay and is the southern most island in the Whitsundays. The temperatures vary from 17 celsius to 24 celsius in winter (water temperature is a steady 20 celsius) and 24 celsius to 30 celsius in summer (water temperature is a steady 26 celsius).

Keswick Island is designated national park with a total area of 530 hectares or 1300 acres, having a majority of this dedicated as natural habitat. There are five deserted, pristine, white sandy beaches. Keswick Island offers divers a unique diving experience, there are very few places in the world where you can experience world class diving and a scenic flight rolled into one, and one of the few places in Australia where you have the potential to dive three wreck sites all from within half an hour of the island.

The sheltered bays of Keswick Island are home to colourful coral gardens and a myriad of tropical fish that rates amongst the best in the Great Barrier Reef. People who visit the island can walk off sandy shores to snorkel in their own coral garden. Being that the islands is mostly (80 per cent) National Parks, there are several walking treks that lead to secluded beaches with beautiful views along the way.

Keswick Island in still being developed, currently the only visitor accommodation is the Keswick Island Guesthouse and Bed and Breakfast, which means guest's to the island will have their own Tropical Island Paradise to enjoy. There is another Bed and Breakfast under development as well as two resorts. Access to the island is via a twice daily flight or charter boat, or by private boat.

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