Khancoban is one of those well kept secrets which only people who have actually visited or holidayed in this charming, small township know about.

Located 300 m above sea level on the edge of the Snowy Mountains (it is a southerly equivalent of Talbingo) it is a true gem. By any conventional measure the autumn colours in Khancoban are equal to those in Tumut, Canberra or Bright. The valley turns a myriad of dramatic colours in the autumn as willows, poplars, and other deciduous trees change their colours.

The secret to its unassuming success is its isolation. If you want to drive the 567 km from Sydney via Jindabyne you have to drive past Thredbo Village (and all the delights of the Kosciuszko National Park region) and wind through the mountains before reaching this town which is located only 13 km from the Victorian border.

This is a fully sealed road and a great tourist drive taking in many places to stop such as Tom Groggin Station - where the Man from Snowy River lived and worked, Geehi Rest area, Leatherbarrel Creek and Scammels Ridge Lookout with awesome views of the Snowy Mountains. The road, known as the Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Khancoban, was constructed in 1956 as a direct result of the needs of the Snowy Mountain Authority.

Prior to that there had been a track which had been built in the early 1930s and supposedly followed the route the Aborigines took when making their annual pilgrimage to the Bogong Moth country. Unfortunately the track was so steep (it rose 1800 metres in every 10 kilometres) that even cattle had difficulty using it.

Other activities in Khancoban include exploring the Kosciuszko National Park, water sports on Khancoban Pondage such as boating, kayaking and swimming, visiting the interactive Snowy Hydro Murray 1 Visitor Centre, and not to forget trout fishing (which Khancoban is renowned for).

Temperatures for Khancoban

Khancoban has moderate summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Khancoban is approximately 28 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 12 °c.

Khancoban has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Khancoban is approximately 11 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 1 °c.


Khancoban Accommodation

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