King Island

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King Island was discovered in 1798, and was a preferred breeding area for sea elephants and seals. However, sealers killed many and now the island is known for its dairy farming.

Around the island are many shipwrecks, caused by the rough seas of the Bass Strait. There are four lighthouses on the island, which watch out for stormy weather. These are situated at Currie, Naracoopa and Stokes Point and Wickham, with the one at Wickham being the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. From here there are fantastic views of the surrounding area, and so it is a must visit.

To find out about the island and its history you should visit the Currie Museum, as well as the King Island Dairy Farm. Other attractions around the island include bushwalking, diving, fishing, surfing and swimming. There is a selection of wildlife on the island, and some fantastic beaches and lakes to explore. There are also several tours around the island, including coach tours, diving tours and walking tours.

Both Currie and Naracoopa are the main places to stay on the island, and offer a variety of accommodation and restaurants. However, you will need to hire transport as there is no public transport on the island. You can fly to the island from Tasmania or Melbourne.

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