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Lower Portland is located approximately 80 kilometres northwest of the Sydney CBD in the Shire of Baulkham Hills. The original inhabitants of the Lower Portland area were the Darug people. The Darug were the custodians of the majority of what is now the Greater Sydney region. They were divided into a number of different 'clans', whose quick demise upon European settlement has sadly resulted in very little information remaining on how the local area was utilised.

Lower Portland was named after William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland, and Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1783, and 1807- 1809. The name was first used in 1805, and almost certainly seems associated with the story that a rock on the plateau above the headland resembled the Duke of Portland (He was no doubt popular with the ladies). Lower Portland was the area settled downstream from Portland Head.

Lower Portland is a peaceful hamlet nested at the junction of the Colo and Hawkesbury rivers. A place to discover, surrounded by history, majestic in nature, captivating and romantic and a water skiings delight. The lower Portland Ferry is one of only four vehicular ferries operating in the Hawkesbury.

The River Road drive is a must for a relaxing day out. Lower Portland Ferry operates 24hrs 7days a week. Closed 1st Wednesday of each month 9:00am-11:00am. Towns surrounding Lower Portland include: Cliftonville and Sackville North.

Temperatures for Lower Portland

Lower Portland has moderate summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Lower Portland is approximately 29 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 16 °c.

Lower Portland has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Lower Portland is approximately 17 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 4 °c.


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