Mahogany Creek

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Mahogany Creek is 27 kilometres from the Perth Central Buisiness District and approximately 40 minutes drive along the Great Eastern Highway. Mahogany Creek was the site of the first "Halfway House" for early settlers travelling from Perth to York. This inn is still operating and has a restaurant and accommodation. there is also an old wares and curio shop nearby perfect for browsing.

Central to the village is the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail. This trail retraces 70 kilometres of the old Eastern Railway, which was constructed from Fremantle to York in the 1880s. Walking along the trail, you will discover the individual history and character of the small settlements that sprang up alongside the railway line.

This trail has become one of the major recreational facilities in the Mundaring Shire, and is suitable for walking, cycling and horse riding; it features the attractive scenery and flora and fauna of the Darling Range.

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