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Australian Explorer takes an innovative approach to the promotion of the Australian Explorer website. We take pride in promoting the website through a multitude of different mediums to reach distinct target audiences.

Australian Explorer uses both on and off-line advertising mediums in order to promote the Australian Explorer brand and website. This offers sponsors and advertisers great value for their advertising dollar, by increasing the popularity of Australian Explorer.

This information page outlines just a small sample of the multitude of ways that Australian Explorer participates in promoting this excellent resource to the public.

Print Advertising including Magazine, Newspaper, Billboards and Signage
Sponsorship including Motorsport, Charity, Sporting Events and Community.
Incidental Exposure including Print and Television
Promotional including promotional products, clothing, vehicles and point of sale
Media including online advertising, Online Promotions and Radio.
Other including Testimonials and Trade Shows

Print Advertising

Australian Explorer takes a proactive approach to maximising the traffic flow to the Australian Explorer website. One of the ways Australian Explorer achieves such high traffic is through carefully selected magazine advertising.


Magazine Advertising Advertising - Magazine
A wide selection of magazines have been used including local, regional, national, industry specific, student and many other magazines.


Newspaper AdvertisingAdvertising - Newspaper
Australian Explorer has utilised a number of newspapers published in Australia to promote the Australian Explorer brand and website. Popular publications that Australian Explorer have featured in include 'The Australian' and 'The Land'.

Billboards & Signage

Billboard Advertising in Australia Fair

Advertising - Billboards
Another way Australian Explorer promotes the Australian Explorer website to increase traffic to the site is through Billboard advertising. Shopping centres and car parks are visited by a wide range of people from all types of backgrounds, and is therefore a fantastic way to promote Australian Explorers services to the Australian domestic market considering a holiday.

Billboard Advertising in Australia Fair

Advertising - Static Lightboxes
Australian Explorer utilises Static Lightboxes in their marketing campaign. These static lightboxes are commonly positioned in foyers, main throughfares and car parks of popular shopping centres nationwide.

Step Advertising

Advertising - Step
Step advertising is placed within several locations, enabling us to reach a wide variety of people from commuters to overseas visitors arriving at a destination for the first time. We promote various campaigns within several train stations to optimise the amount of traffic viewing our advertisements.

Taxi Cabs

Taxi Cab Billboard Advertising

Advertising - Taxi Cab Billboard
Taxi top advertising has been an excellent way to promote the Australian Explorer brand. The advertising campaign has been used in a number of areas around Australia, with the campaign being present across several areas of Australia.



Motorsport Sponsorship

Sponsorship - Motorsport
Two race cars, two divisions, twice the exposure. Australian Speedway is a hugely popular spectator sport with over a million spectators across Australia.

Motorsport Sponsorship

Sponsorship - Motorsport
Australian Explorer features prominently across both sponsored cars and within race programs, official motor sport websites, race meeting videos and regional television.

Motorsport SponsorshipSponsorship - Motorsport

Australian Explorer's involvement in motorsport includes the sponsorship of two HQ holden race cars. Coverage of the 2006 Queensland Motor Racing Championships, state championships is aired on local Television stations.


Trike Around Australia

Sponsorship Charity - Trike Around Australia
Nationwide exposure over a 30 month timescale, encapsulating over 600 towns and cities across the length and breadth of Australia, being endorsed by Ita Buttrose and launched by Prime Minister John Howard. This is Trike Around Australia a charitable fund raising event for Arthritis Australia.

Trike - Charity Event

With Australian Explorer playing a significant part as 'Gold Sponsor' and developer of the official website, the Australian Explorer logo features on the official trike and trailer, motor home, caravan and apparel.

Trike Event

The publicity and excitement such an event stimulates across the nation has lead to additional exposure within print media, television and radio.

For more information about Trike Around Australia please visit:

Sporting Events


Sponsorship - Landsailing
Sponsoring a Land Yacht in the 2006 Pacific Rim Land Sailing Championships enabled Australian Explorer to benefit from exposure to the thousands of people attending the event, exposure through media coverage of the event and continued exposure throughout the life of the Land Yacht.


The Australian Explorer logo features on the Land Yacht body and prominently on the sail together with the company slogan. One of the logos is positioned in direct view of the on-board camera.


Local Magazines

We promote the site both on and off-line to offer our customers excellent results. In addition we support our local community by sponsoring our nominated worthy causes. In the past these have included; "The Safety House Association of Queensland Incorporated", the "Fire Safety and Prevention Magazine" a community service of the United Firefighters Union of Australia and other such community based projects.

Incidental Exposure

Australian Explorer's dynamic marketing strategies have contributed to additional exposure for the travel website together with assisting some great causes and helping motivated individuals with their sporting ambitions.

Print and Television

Trike Around Australia Website

Garry and Doreen Fletcher
Australian Explorer's support assisted Garry and Doreen Fletcher to raise over $100,000 for Arthritis Australia when they travelled more than 67,000 kilometres, visited 408 towns and spent 566 days on the road.

Trike Around Australia Articles

Print - Trike Around Australia
The media attention surrounding the 'Trike Around Australia' campaign resulted in hundreds of newspaper articles nationwide, many of which prominently featured the Australian Explorer logo and mentioned the website.

Trike Interview

Television - Trike Around Australia
In addition to newspaper articles, 'Trike Around Australia' appeared on numerous television shows with the Australian Explorer logo featuring on apparel, trike, retro van and the official, very popular website.


Craig Turner
Craig Turner is a motivated individual who is passionate about his sport of Land Sailing. Australian Explorer took the opportunity to sponsor Craig during the 2006 Pacific Rim Land Sailing Championships.

Have a Go TV

Television - Pacific Rim Land Sailing Championships
The Australian Explorer sponsored Land Yacht piloted by Craig Turner featured on Channel 7's popular "Have a Go TV" show where numerous shots of the Australian Explorer sponsored Land Yacht was featured.

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles - Other.
Australian Explorer has appeared in numerous articles published in local and National newspapers. One article printed in the 'Sunday Herald Sun' descibed Australian Explorer as an 'Oz Super Site' and stated that 'This is well on the way to being one of the best Australian travel sites in cyberspace'.


Promotional Products

Australian Explorer Can Holders

Can Holders
During the many trade fairs that Australian Explorer visits, hundreds of Can holders are distributed to stall visitors. They are extremely popular and are reused time and time again.

Australian Explorer Mugs

Australian Explorer Mugs
Australian Explorer mugs have been distributed free of charge to a number of Internet Cafes, as a promotional tool. They have proven very popular and now feature as prizes on the regular monthly competitions held on the Australian Explorer website.

Mouse Mats

Mouse Mats
Mouse mats have been distributed to a growing number of Hostels, Internet Cafes and Tourism based businesses. In many cases, computers within the Internet Cafes have a direct link to Australian Explorer. In addition, the desktop background is an image supplied by Australian Explorer.

Australian Explorer Pens

Australian Explorer Pens
Pens have proven to be an ideal promotional product. They are distributed to Internet Cafes across the country, as well as to clients and visitors to the site. Pens remain in the possession of everyone for a significant amount of time, and are ideal for travellers to carry around.

Window Stickers

Window Stickers
During our promotion across Australia, thousands of window stickers have been distributed. They have mainly been distributed to our customers but increasingly to travellers in general. Placement of the stickers range from the premises of accommodation providers to tour operators vehicles.


Thousands of DL sized Postcards have been distributed to Hostels, Internet Cafes, Hotels, Tourist Attractions and a multitude of other places across Australia, available free of charge to travellers, guests and anyone who sees them.

This form of media has been particularly well received by tourism based businesses and travellers alike who appreciate the free postcard service.


Staff T Shirts

T-shirts are a popular given out as prizes on our popular competition pages as well as during promotional events. Business owners who Advertise on Australian Explorer may also receive a T-shirt, enabling them to promote Australian Explorer and their own business simultaneously.

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hats
Australian Explorer Bucket Hats have proven to be very popular with both staff and visitors to the site, who enter competitions in order to receive them as prizes.

The Bucket Hats are an effective way to protect vulnerable areas such as the ears and head from dangerous sun rays, whilst at the same time promoting the website.


Kombi Van

Vehicle Signage - Kombi Van
The Australian Explorer Kombi played a significant role in the development of the Australian Explorer travel website. For two years Australian Explorer researchers travelled around Australia gathering impartial travel information and photographs in this vehicle with eye catching sign writing.

Door Magnets

Door Magnets
All of the Australian Explorer company cars and cars hired by us are fitted with Australian Explorer magnets. We travel significant kilometres in order to maintain the high level of travel information contained within the site. For this reason the magnets offer considerable exposure.

Number Plate Surround

Number Plate Surrounds
Australian Explorer Number Plate Surrounds clearly state the name of the business and web address. Many of these have been distributed across Australia and feature on company cars.

Point of Sale


A4 & A3 posters have been distributed amongst many advertisers on the Australian Explorer website. They are typically placed within reception or office areas where visitors can see them.

More specifically, Hostels, Internet Cafes and Tourist Attractions have been targeted across the country in order to build awareness about Australian Explorer amongst their customers.

Promotional Cards

Promotional Cards
Throughout Australia thousands of promotional business cards have been distributed directly to travellers via a number of Internet cafe's, tour operators, hotels, motels and backpackers.

Pictured on the left is the front side of the card which lists our main services for travellers.The reverse side of the promotional card features the familiar logo that features within all of our marketing activities.

Media Advertising

Online Promotions


Virtual Postcards
A large selection of virtual postcards are available to send to friends/family on the Australian Explorer website. They are very popular and enable us to promote the Australian Explorer logo and website online, to people from all over the world.


Competitions are an excellent way to encourage visitors to return to the Australian Explorer website, on a more frequent basis. Visitors tell friends about the various competitions, and direct them to the website. This area is particularly popular with school children.

Recommend Us Page

Recommend Us Page
The Recommend Us page has been a powerful way to encourage our visitors to promote the Australian Explorer website. Friends of other potential travellers can find out about Australian Explorer via a friend or relative who has visited the website. A recommendation is an excellent way to attract new visitors.


Radio Advertising

Australian Explorer utilises the power of radio advertising as part of its regular marketing campaign. Radio advertising has enabled Australian Explorer to specifically target individuals within their workplace and whilst travelling.


Trade Shows

Trade Display

Australian Explorer has taken part in numerous trade shows. The main purpose has been to demonstrate the high quality product that we offer to the Australian tourism industry.

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