Mildura is a city in north-western Victoria, Australia. It is famous around Australia as a paradise of food and wine. Located on the banks of the Murray River, Mildura still boasts some of the historic paddle steamers which carried goods up and down the Murray in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Many Aboriginal people lived around the site of Mildura because of the abundant food. Local tribes included the Latje Latje and Yerre Yerre. The first Europeans in the area arrived in 1857.

In summer, Mildura's average minimum temperature is 15.3 degrees, and the average maximum is 32.7. In winter average temperatures range from a minimum of 4.4 to a maximum of 15.4.

Mildura FountainMildura offers an array of scenery set amongst the diverse landscape of the desert to the west and the Murray River to the north east. There is often plenty of fruit picking work available in the area, which is mainly between January to March, although work can be found all year around.

Mildura RiverThe main shopping area in Mildura is along Langtree Avenue, with the parallel Deakin Avenue leading to the Murray River. There are numerous cruises which you can take along the Murray, including 2 hour cruises to 4 day cruises, evening cruises, show cruises and winery cruises. There is something to suit everybody. If you'd like to explore on your own you can also hire boats and canoes from Buronga Boatman Boat Hire.

PS RothburyAnother place you should visit is the beautiful homestead at Rio Vista. It's called the Mildura Arts Centre and includes an art gallery, museum and theatre.

There is a wide range of accommodation in Mildura including campsites, hostels, motels, hotels and holiday units. Accommodation can be found in and around the town, along with a number of restaurants. You can fly to Mildura on Kendell Airlines, or alternatively take a V/Line bus from several of the nearby towns, and Melbourne. Greyhound run bus services from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

Mildura Accommodation

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