Millicent is a busy service centre for the prosperous Limestone Coast area. A great place to start is to drop into the Millicent Visitor Information Centre that houses an excellent gallery of local timber art, local crafts and the well regarded Living History Museum. This museum houses many local historical pieces and an excellent carriage collection from the district.

A must visit is the Lake McIntyre area. This is a reclaimed quarry that has been fully rehabilitated in a natural wonder of birds and native wildlife habitat. It's a terrific spot to stop with a picnic and take a walk through the native foliage.

The Lake Bonney Wind Farm Touring Route allows guests to get close to the largest wind farm development in the southern hemisphere. The brochures for the drive can be collected from the Millicent Visitor Information Centre. The route is fully sign posted just south of the town. The drive takes you right to the base of these engineering wonders as they generate power to the national grid.

Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park has a unique cave tour experience for all ages. The park allows full access for prams, wheelchairs and people of restricted mobility. Guests can learn the caves history and see the spectacular displays with the full lighting system installed.

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