Moree Plains

Moree Plains features a warm Mediterranean style climate, with fresh air and sub-artesian waters which reach natural temperature of up to 41 degrees celsius.

The benefits of the Natural Artesian Mineral Waters were discovered years ago and have been used for their curative powers since ancient times. Today you do not have to go to Europe to enjoy the health benefits of nature's gift it can be experienced right here in the North Western New South Wales township of beautiful Moree.

The Moree Plains Shire has rich black soil making Cotton, Wheat, Pecan Nuts, Olives, Sheep, and Cattle its major agricultural industries. Enjoy fully conducted air conditioned tours to the largest Pecan Nut Farm in the Southern Hemisphere which produces 95 per cent of Australia's crop, to a working Cotton Farm and the most technologically advanced Cotton Gin in the world.

Moree is considered the fishing outdoors camping Mecca of the Gwydir Delta with 3 Major waterways within 25 minutes of Moree. The Gwydir River produces Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Bream, and Eel Tail Catfish, all of which are great eating. Take advantage whilst in Moree to stroll along the beautiful heritage trail, where you will see many historical buildings and sites in around the township.

The Moree Plains Art Gallery is one of the most historical buildings in Moree and is located in the town centre. It houses major touring exhibitions & local art works. It also is the home to many different cultural events and functions such as piano recitals and choral performances, classes and workshops. Located within the gallery are three permanent displays of aboriginal material including some Kamilaroi items and bark paintings from Anhmen Land. These are just some of the wonderful, natural & unique experiences to be had in Moree.

Temperatures for Moree Plains

Moree Plains has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Moree Plains is approximately 32 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 19 °c.

Moree Plains has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Moree Plains is approximately 18 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 5 °c.


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