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Nambung National Park, situated approximately 245km north of Perth, is home to one of Australia's most unique and captivating landscapes - the Pinnacles Desert.

The Pinnacles are spectacular limestone rock structures that have formed over thousands of years and appear to rise from the desert sand. These amazing formations result from a combination of water, quartz, limestone and sand. There are now over 150 000 of these fascinating formations standing up to 5 metres tall. Some of the Pinnacles have a tombstone-like shape while others rise from the desert plain in jagged columns.

The Pinnacles Desert was somewhat unknown until the Department of Land and Surveys agreed to expand the existing National Park in the late 1960s. Nowadays the Nambung National Park is visited by approximately 150 000 visitors every year, from all over the world.

There are a number of walks to choose from at the Nambung National Park. The park also offers the opportunity for fishing and swimming. At the park you are likely to see a variety of birds and animals including the Western Grey Kangaroo, Honey Possums, Emus, Carpet Pythons (which are harmless) and White-tailed Black Cockatoos. The park also features a number of native plants.

You can reach Nambung National Park on a sealed road from Cervantes to Hangover Bay. From there a rough gravel road heads south through the park. This road is not recommended for caravans or rental cars. There is a parking bay at the boundary of Nambung National Park where you may leave your vehicle.

While there are no camping areas within the park a range of accommodation is available at Cervantes.

Nambung Accommodation

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