Naracoorte is home to some beautiful limestone caves which you can explore, set within the wonderful Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park.

The town was named in 1869 after the merging of two towns, Kincraig and Narracoorte.

Naracoorte has a thriving rural economy, friendly community and is home to great wineries. In the evening you can watch the bats emerge from the Bat Cave, which is an amazing sight. You can also find out great information about the wool industry in the Sheep's Back Museum. There are also some great walking tracks through the town centre and along the Naracoorte creek.

Naracoorte HotelThere are some amazing fossils in the Victoria Fossil Cave, which you can tour around with a ranger. There are also ranger tours for the Alexandra Cave and the Blanche Cave, although there is a self-guided tour around the Wet Cave.

Naracoorte StreetThere is a huge wetland region just south of Naracoorte at the Bool Lagoon Game Reserve and the Hacks Lagoon Conservation Park.

There is a variety of things to do and also several places to stay in the area, with some good food in the hotels.

Attractions in Naracoorte include: The Visitor Information Centre & Sheep's Back Museum, Lions Pioneer Park, Playground and Skate Park, Tiny Train Park & Mini Golf, Naracoorte Art Gallery, Jubilee Nature Park and Russet Ridge Winery.

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