Nene Valley

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This is a quiet seaside town which boasts good fishing and spectacular swimming beaches provide for beachcombing and walking. An early survey of the area completed in about 1885 shows a creek nearby as Nyn Valley Creek. This name appeared on the Land Office plan of the Hundred of Kongorong.

Shacks were built along the coast known as Maggoty Point, often referred to as Maggoty by the locals. Large supplies of maggots bred in the seaweed on the beach, providing food for the birds and fish, hence the name. In a letter to Council in 1961, the late Mr Frank Livingston said the name of the place was of more than normal interest to his family because the boundary fence of the property taken up from the Crown by his grandfather in the mid 1800s, had ended on Nene Valley Rock itself, which juts out into the sea at that point.

The Livingston Brothers agreed to release their interest in the land to Council on the condition that it was officially named Nene Valley. In that way the name of the gallant little ship of the same name, which was wrecked on this part of the coast in October 1854, and which might otherwise have been forgotten has instead been perpetuated.

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