Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island, a stunning island just five by eight kilometres in size, offers the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. First discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook, Norfolk Island has a colourful history and a laidback informality that combines to make it a unique holiday destination.

Norfolk Island's National Park has some of the best rainforests remaining in the world. One-third of the Island is still devoted to national parks. There are 178 species of native plants on the Island, 40 of these are are considered as being unique to the Norfolk Island. The National Park and it's amazing flora and fauna can be explored using the walking tracks on foot or bike.

There are a huge array of activities to partake in on Norfolk Island incorporating the beautiful scenery, great facilities and the interesting history. Mountain biking and bushwalking are a popular way to absorb the stunning surrounds of the Island. The golf course is ideally located between the rugged coastline and the attractive Government House grounds.

There are gymnasium, tennis, archery, mini-golf, basketball, volleyball and skating facilities available for your recreational enjoyment. Fishing is also popular with catches including trumpeter, tuna and kingfish. There are a number of tournaments and festivals held on the Island throughout the year including numerous tennis and squash tournaments and various music festivals.

There are over 35 restaurants on Norfolk Island offering a diverse range of dining experiences, from a la carte dining, traditional Norfolk Island dishes and more casual barbeques. Dining out allows visitors to experience the warm hospitality and the culture of the local people.

Norfolk Island has become a hugely popular tax free shopping destination - many visitors come solely to shop. There are around 77 tax free shops on the Island offering shoppers huge bargains without income, company, GST or sales tax. There is a huge range of specialty stores offering products imported from all over the world and the shopping precinct is centrally situated for your benefit.

You can reach Norfolk Island by plane from Sydney (2 hours 30 minutes), Brisbane (2 hours 10 minutes) and Auckland (1 hour 45 minutes). Car hire on the Island is well-priced and generally only a small car is required to travel the required distances.

There is a huge range of accommodation available on the Island, especially considering its small geographical dimensions. You can choose to stay in self-catered apartments, cottages or houses. There are guest lodges, guest houses and bed and breakfasts available. There are also four hotels to choose from. Norfolk Island also has various conference facilities available for hire.

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