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Nullarbor Plain is the section of southern land between Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia. Nullarbor means 'no trees' in poor Latin, which is exactly what you will see as you drive through sections of the Nullarbor.

Although the land within the Nullarbor is barren, the road is surfaced and so doesn't make for too bad a drive (just a long one). The Eyre Highway heads along the southern section of the Nullarbor Plain, although the Trans Australia Railway runs directly through the centre of the Nullarbor. If you don't fancy the drive then the train is a good idea, as you get to see plenty of what the Nullarbor Plain is about. The Eyre Highway was named after John Eyre, who along with John Baxter (who unfortunately died on the journey), crossed the Nullarbor in 1841. It wasn't until 1912, however, that the first car crossed the Nullarbor.

Heading 193km east from Norseman you will get to Balladonia, where you will find accommodation. Continuing east the road is straight for a distance of 145km, until you reach Caiguna where you will find more accommodation. East again is Cocklebiddy where you will find some ruins of an old Aboriginal mission. Cocklebiddy is also home to the largest of all of the Nullarbor Caves, and close to Twilight Cove on the coastline south of Cocklebiddy.

A further 90km is Madura and the nearby Hampton Tablelands, with Mundrabilla another 116km east. The final town which you will pass before crossing the South Australia border, is Eucla where there is a quarantine restriction. More of the Nullarbor Caves can be found in Eucla, including Koonalda Cave. Eucla also hosts the ruins of the old Telegraph Repeater and Weather Station. Once you reach Eucla you are over half way across the Nullarbor, having driven 725km from Norseman, with only 480km left to Ceduna.

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