Banner Listing

Drive traffic to your website with a high traffic featured listing on the Australian Explorer website. The listing includes your business name, address, upto 400 characters of information about your business and an additional 85 characters to add special offers etc.

Plus an area to add a photograph or logo to compliment the information, a booking request form and a link to your website and a link to a location map. The banner listing automatically features within the relevant listing pages on Australian Explorer (generating a new page/category if necessary).

Listing Features

Example Layout

  • 400 Character description
  • Current Specials - up to 85 characters
  • Photograph or Logo
  • Full Contact Details
  • Customer Enquiry Form
  • Link to Website
  • Link to Location Map
  • 24 Hour access to Admin Area to make changes
  • 24 Hour access to up to the minute statistics
  • Just $250.00 per annum


Example Banner Listing

Banner Listing

  Banner Listing Basic Full Page
Banner Listing with 400 Character description YES YES
Current Specials - up to 85 characters YES YES
Photograph or Logo YES YES
Full Contact Details YES YES
GST inclusive YES YES
Customer Enquiry Form YES YES
Link to Website YES -
Link to Location Map YES -
24 Hour access to Admin Area to make changes YES YES
24 Hour access to up to the minute statistics YES YES
Full Page with 7 paragraphs of text, overview & location - YES
Full Page Up to 5 complimentary photographs - YES
Opening Hours - YES
Industry Awards - YES
List of facilities - YES
Annual Cost (including GST) $250 $350
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Payment Note:

Payment Online by Credit Card or EFT. Cheque can be posted.
No listing is set 'live' until full payment has been received.
To Speak to a Representative Call: 1800 22 55 88 (Australia)

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