Orpheus Island

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Orpheus Island is a 12-kilometre long national park island made up of volcanic rocks formed around 280 million years ago. Orpheus Island is located off the North Queensland coast from the town of Ingham, which is approximately 100 kilometres north of the city of Townsville.

Fringing reefs, rocky escarpments, beaches and a variety of vegetation types contribute to the island's scenic value. Orpheus Island offers the opportunity for snorkelling or scuba diving. Large coral bommies may be found in Little Pioneer Bay, Cattle Bay and around the Yank's Jetty area.

A research station overlooking Hazard Bay is the island's only settlement. Camping is welcomed on the island with a permit. Campgrounds with picnic tables, toilets, shelter sheds are available. Gas barbecues are also available in three locations. A luxury resort is located on the island, catering to limited numbers. Orpheus Island is accessible by seaplane from Townsville or by launch from Lucinda.

Orpheus Island Accommodation

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