Travelling with Pets

There is a growing trend amongst travellers to take their furry or feathered friends along for their next holiday. Be it a bird, a dog, a cat, a horse or even a lizard, many people are taking their much-loved pets with them.

Of course there is a lot to think about before taking your pet away and all the appropriate arrangements should be made prior to booking your holiday.

  Travelling with Pets

This section should provide you with valuable information regarding travelling with your pets and give you handy hints on taking your pets with you, safety precautions to be aware of when travelling with animals and tips for selecting a boarding kennel if you choose to leave your pet behind.

Taking your Pet on Holiday

There are a number of things to consider if you decide to take your pet on holiday with you. These include vaccinations, identification, understanding the rules and regulations about the area you are visiting and catering for your pets needs. You should ensure you have made all the appropriate preparations before leaving on your holiday with pets in tow.

Camping with Dogs

Camping with dogs can be fun for both the owner and the pet. However there are measures that must be taken to ensure both safety and enjoyment for the animal and other campers.

Not only must you make the appropriate preparations for time on holiday but you should also consider how you will get your pet safely to and from the destination. There are a number of measures you can take when travelling with your pet to ensure his/her comfort and safety in the vehicle including harnesses, frequent stops etc.

First Aid for Pets

The safety of your pet should also be considered before departing on a holiday. You should prepare an appropriate first aid kit, be knowledgeable on the various Australian insects/creatures your pet may come into contact with - this allows you to calmly approach an emergency situation.

Boarding your Pets

If taking your pet with you is not a viable option then you may consider a boarding kennel for your animal. You can visit the facility in advance to ensure you approve of the amenities, standard of care etc. This then means that when you depart on your holiday you can rest easy knowing your pets are being cared for by professionals.

There is a lot to consider to ensure the enjoyment of both you and your pet on your next holiday.

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