Taking your Pet on Holiday

With the growing trend being to take your pet on holiday, a lot of destinations have altered there policies to welcome family pets. There is a range of pet-friendly accommodation around Australia, from bed and breakfasts to resorts, camping grounds to private hotels.

In Australia, domestic animals i.e. dogs, cat etc are banned from National Parks, Nature Reserves, Aboriginal areas and State Recreation Areas because they are potentially dangerous to the native wildlife and animals. However, there are some forests that will allow dogs for visits during the day and overnight camping. During a visit to one of these areas your dog must be controlled and on a lead at all times. You should contact the relevant governing body before your visit.

You should always contact the destination before departing on holiday, there are often conditions relating to pets staying that you may need to know about, including the type of animals allowed, time of year permitted, bedding arrangements etc.

You should take some identification for your pet on your next holiday, for example your registration papers and vaccination card. Some owners also find it reassuring to take a print out of the animal's medical history in case a visit to a local vet is required at your travel destination.

Always take a towel/towels with you for your pet, even if you are not expecting to be near water during the holiday. You can use this if they get wet, require a bath, or get sick.
  Taking your Pet on Holiday

Ensure that your pet has a collar on him/her at all times and that attached is an ID tag with the animals name, your name, address and phone number. Some travellers find it useful to use editable tags so that they can record the address of their accommodation whilst on holiday.

Animals can easily become stressed in a new environment and this can affect their behaviour, digestive patterns and thus affect you and your pet's enjoyment of the holiday. Even little things like a familiar blanket, toy or bed can help ease the animal into the new surroundings.
  Taking your Pet on Holiday

You should consider visiting the vet before taking your pet on holiday. The vet can do a check-up of the animal's health, recommend any vaccinations required for the area you are visiting and provide you with a print out of your pet's medical history in case of an emergency.

Respect the rules of your travelling destination, especially regarding your pet. It is a privilege to take your furry companion on holiday with you and the better behaved the pet, the more likely accommodation venues across the country will open their doors to animals.

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